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10 Easy Ways to Make Your Eyes Look Awake

Tricks to Easily Wake Up Your Eyes

In the morning, while we catch up on the news and sip our oat milk lattes, have you ever tried an eye sheet mask? They just sit on your face for a few minutes, but by the end of the day, you look noticeably more fresh-faced and luminous.

Too much screen time is torture for our eyes, and with everyone wearing less makeup lately, we could all use a little pick-me-up. Here are ten easy tips to make your eyes look brighter and fresher instantly.

1. Eye Serums & Masks

If you want to look refreshed and well-rested, try using eye masks every morning. Store them in the fridge for a cool, refreshing sensation when you put them on. Simply peel off the paper on both sides of the mask and stick one under each eye.

Most masks are made of biocellulose, which has a skin-like texture and is pliable and gentle on your skin. The milky serum doesn’t drip and leaves your skin looking better than before. I like to put my glasses on over the top of the mask and wait fifteen minutes for it to work its magic!

There are eye masks available that use a blend of prebiotics, hyaluronic acid, and almond and camelina oils to saturate the skin and provide hydration, calmness, and nourishment. These nutrients leave the undereye area supple and glowing.

The masks are also drenched in serum, so you can peel them off your eyes after using them and smooth any remaining serum onto frown lines for a few minutes for additional benefits.

2. Massage to Smooth and Lift

For optimal results with eye serum masks, use them in combination with a vibrating face-massage bar. This will help to temporarily sculpt, tone, and lift your appearance. Run the bar over the eye masks for a few minutes; not only will this help to reduce puffiness, but it also feels great!

Gently moving the bar over my entire face gives me a noticeable difference, especially around the eyes. If you don’t have the bar, try lightly tapping your fingers over the eye mask for a mini massage. Another option is using a jade roller or gua sha stone.

3. Eye Cream Always

If you use a mask, less eye cream is needed. I like using both together though. After applying the tap the product around crow’s feet especially. If no mask was used, more of this rich cream is necessary; however, a small amount generally goes a long way.

My policy is to always let skin care products have a chance to sink in before moving on. So, take a minute for coffee, tweezing your brows, applying lip balm, or whatever you need to do. Our eyes are the star of the show more than ever since we’re constantly wearing masks over the lower half of our faces. Let’s give them some extra attention while we can!

4. You Do Not Need That Much Concealer

You only need a concealer if you think you need one; liquid formulas are the easiest to put on but offer the least coverage. If you believe you require something with more pigment, opt for cream concealer instead. It generally is thicker and comes in a pot so that you’re able to have better control over how much product you are using each time.

Another alternative would be foundation, though that’s completely up to personal preference. Regardless of which route you decide to go down, use less rather than more because too much can cause creasing or end up enhancing any existing fine lines. For best results in relation to bright eyes, ,apply minimal amounts of concealer around the eye area.

5. Toning Down Your Concealer

If you made the mistake of picking up the wrong concealer shade, don’t worry. We have an easy solution. Maybe it’s too light or ineffective, and as a result, you look like you have white streaks under your eye.

Instead of getting frustrated, swirl a powder brush in matte bronzing powder to even out the tone. Tap some off so that there’s not too much on the brush, then sweep it under each eye for temporarily concealing purposes This technique works on all skin tones and leaves behind a subtle sun-kissed sheen.

6. This Trick is the Best Way to Brighten

For a more open-eyed look, apply a small amount of highlighter to the center of your lids, then tap it out to diffuse the color. You can also use this technique on your upper cheeks and Cupid’s bow for added luminosity.

Remember those old soap operas where the women would wear an absurd amount of highlighter on their eyes? This is a much more subtle take on that trend.

7. Lip Balm Shadow

For a more bold makeup look, apply a pigmented lid tint for a splash of color. These tints are perfect for lazy-girls—they only take 5 seconds to apply. You don’t need any skill to use them; just dab them on your lids like you would with balm.

I always strive for the ‘worn-in’ look. Even if you’re doing full makeup, you can do your eyes sloppily and then clean up the excess—it looks great.

8. Lash Curlers: The Secret to a More Awake Appearance

Our lash curlers give your lashes a subtle bend, which brightens your eyes and makes them look more awake—especially if you’re trying to cut down on the amount of time you spend doing your makeup in the morning. If you do decide to wear mascara, we recommend this one.

9. Use a Pencil Liner

If you want to achieve a natural look with your liner, apply it by wiggling the pencil between your lashes. This will create definition without being overpowering. You can also skip the mascara if you smudge the liner and blend it softly.

10. Self-Care Shows

Though it’s essential to have a solid skincare routine, the key to looking healthy and radiant is how you take care of your body every day. Rather than drink fad green juices, stick to water or seltzer (and avoid smoking and drinking altogether)—sugar is also the enemy, but we can all be guilty of indulging this time of year.

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