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2-Step Secret for Glowing Skin

Unveil the 2-Step Secret for Glowing Skin!

Every year, your office shuts down for whole weeks, or you give yourself some vacation if you’re an entrepreneur. You decide to have fun, don’t think about work, and get inspired.

And so do I.

Vacation You

Transform yourself into Vacation Time and travel light. As “Vacation You” you are likely to load a ton of unnecessary serums, potions, and creams for even one night away from home. Consequently, as part of your relaxation plan, it is wise to reduce the number of products in your bag – which is why 100% PURE’s Pore Detox Herbal Cleanser and Intensive Nourishing Facial Oil combo will do the trick!

I have been a fan of the 100% PURE brand for years, even before I knew that clean and nontoxic beauty was possible. 

Believe On The Process

Although you might worry if your newer and more abbreviated skincare routine will be sufficient to combat the intense perspiration, saltiness, and sheer vigor of your lifestyle; each night, submerge a cotton ball in the cleansing-toner lotion. With every stroke across your skin, it appears as though all dirt from that day magically vanishes, leaving you feeling absolutely refreshed. Plus, this concoction smells divine with its faint citrus essence! After treating your skin with a warm rinse, massage it with a few drops of face oil. This ultra-light, vegan facial oil penetrates deeply to provide long-lasting hydration without blocking pores. The potent blend of clarifying oils and anti-aging antioxidants is suitable for all skin types – from sensitive to oily or acne-prone. 

Your new streamlined morning ritual is such a pleasure–simple yet tranquil!

Then keep on with your typical self-care routine when you return home from vacation. It takes roughly four weeks before you start to observe a difference in the condition of your skin – radiant and almost poreless, having an extra layer of suppleness that wasn’t there previously. 

Despite the pressure of looming deadlines and the chillier temperatures, your skin remains soft, brightened, and hydrated. It’s like you never left that sunny getaway – a shimmery radiance emanating from every pore! No matter how much stress or chaos life throws at you, you will still be living in vacation mode with this beautiful complexion.

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