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3 Reasons to Use Face Masks

Make Masks Part of Your Skincare

At-home facial masks have had a huge impact in the beauty and wellness journey of countless women everywhere. We all know that having an efficient skin care routine is key, but adding face masks to the mix can take it up a notch! Facial treatments at home are great because they offer immediate relaxation while also addressing skin concerns – what more could you ask for? To further motivate your regular use of these amazing products, here are three convincing reasons why face masks should be a part of our weekly ritual:

  1. No matter your skin type, whether it’s oily, dry or sensitive – there is a face mask for you! Find the formula that caters to your specific needs and provides results. Clay-based masks are perfect for reducing excess oil on the surface of your skin while gel and cream based formulations work best at providing nourishment & hydration to those with normal or dry complexions.
  2. Applying a mask allows its powerful antioxidants and nutrients to thoroughly sink into our skin, delivering remarkable results. The longer you leave the treatment on your face, the better – allowing for maximum absorption of all those amazing ingredients! Not only does it feel fantastic during application but once removed, you can observe and enjoy rejuvenated skin with each use.
  3. Make time to indulge yourself 1-3 times a week with a delightful mask experience. Ten minutes is all it takes! If you’re having trouble fitting this in, try multitasking: apply the mask during your favorite show’s commercial break and remove it when the following one comes on (10-15 minutes later). Your skin will look better than ever after just 10 short minutes of blissful pampering!

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