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6 Tips For Getting Longer Eyelashes

Get Longer Lashes Naturally

Many of us have become obsessed with having longer lashes, trying lash growth product after Lash Growth Product only to end up sometimes shorter and stubbier than we started. 

Meanwhile, others seem to got lucky– their fringey lashes are so flirtatious they might as well be a Venus fly trap. What’s the difference?

Thankfully, even if you weren’t born with long lashes or don’t have the budget for expensive lash extensions, there are ways to naturally encourage growth.

Hint: It doesn’t involve any odd serums and drying, clumpy products.

Why Aren’t My Eyelashes Getting Longer?

Although eyelashes do grow back, the process might not be as speedy (or lengthy) as desired. Eyelash growth occurs in three phases and is controlled by hormones, similar to the hair on your head. Once an eyelash falls out, a new one typically grows within four to eleven months.

Anagen Phase

The anagen phase is the growth period for your lashes. Just like other structures in your body, they are made from proteins. Synthesis occurs when hormones are released and cause your lashes to grow.

Although the average daily growth rate for an eyelash is between .12 and .14 mm, it is nevertheless minimal in comparison to other objects. For example, the sharpened tip of a pencil typically measures 1mm in width.

Not to mention, lashes only grow up to 12mm long. Also, the growth phase for eyelashes is shorter than other hairs on your body.

Catagen Phase

The catagen phase is a transition between the anagen and telogen phases of lash growth. Your eyelash follicles will shrink during this time and stop growing.

This stage usually lasts two to three weeks. Although your lashes don’t naturally fall out during this time, products you use (like waterproof mascaras) can make them weak and more likely to break off when you take your makeup off.

An eyelash that falls out during the catagen phase won’t be replaced until the full life cycle is completed. This means you’ll have an empty hair follicle for a period of months.

Telogen Phase

The telogen phase is the longest and final stage of the eyelash life cycle. Also known as the resting phase, your eyelashes will remain in this state for three to four months before transitioning into exogen – or falling out.

Replacing an eyelash begins with the telogen phase, where a new lash starts to grow at the bottom of the hair follicle. This eventually replaces the old lash, which falls out naturally. Once telogen is complete,the old lash falls out and is replaced by a new one in the anagen phase.

A new lash begins to grow at the bottom of the hair follicle during the telogen phase, which eventually replaces old lash that falls out naturally. The anagen phase is complete once the old lash falls out and is replaced by a new one.

Achieving Longer Lashes Naturally 

If you want to grow longer lashes naturally, get rid of all the myths about how to do it that you’ve been told.

Most popular lash-lengthening products on store shelves are actually harmful to your eyelashes. waterproof mascaras, drying, alcohol-based formulas, and synthetic hormone-based lash serums deplete nutrients from your lashes,  making them brittle.

Remember, when a lash dies, it’s gone for good. All you can do is wait until the new lash grows back in its place. The best way to achieve longer lashes is by using products that nourish and hydrate them, as well as support natural lash growth.

How Can I Make My Eyelashes Grow?

Gaining long and luscious eyelashes does not have to be a dream; you can make it a reality by following these simple steps. By aiding your lashes during their growth cycle and investing in some quality products, as well as ditching any harmful cosmetics, you will see significant results.

Here are six tips to get those luscious lashes you’ve always wanted: 

  1. Use Mascara with Pro Peptide

Peptides are amino acids that help your body create proteins. In other words, with more peptides present, your eyelashes have a better chance of growing thicker and stronger. 

On the flip side, most mascaras contain drying agents which lead to lashes that are brittle, fall out easily, and weaker overall.

100% Pure’s Maracuja Mascara is the way to go. 

Incorporating ingredients that promote root and lash growth, our mascara uses propeptides to make your lashes stronger while also working to protect them from damage. With an ingredient list absent of harsh chemicals or drying agents, you’ll never have to worry about any negative side effects.

  1. Use Castor Oil or Olive Oil 

Chances are, even your mom knows about this little-known hack for lash growth: castor oil. For years, people have used castor oil to promote longer and thicker eyelashes. 

Castor oil contains a mixture of triglycerides (also known as fatty acids), one of which is ricinoleic acid. Ricinoleic acid has been shown in some studies to encourage hair growth by stimulating the production of prostaglandin E2 (PGE2).

In addition to being full of fatty acids, olive oil also has lash-growing properties. Although more studies are needed on the correlation between olive oil and lash growth, the vitamin E content can help support your lashes as they grow.

  1. Try Organic Beeswax

Yes, you read that correctly–beeswax! Sourced organic and responsibly, beeswax is chock-full of vitamins and antioxidants. By using it on your lashes, they will be better protected against outside elements as well as maintain optimal moisture levels.

With organic beeswax, 100% Pure’s Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara promotes lash growth naturally. Furthermore, the specialized spoolie allows for definition of each individual lashes so that they appear longer.

  1. Nutrify with Vitamin E

Celebrities have raved about the lash-growing properties of vitamin E oil. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and emollient ingredient, which means it helps your lash cells stay protected from external stressors while also deeply conditioning them. This allows for stronger growth overall.

  1. Remove Your Makeup 

You are probably removing your false lashes incorrectly. yanking, swiping, and exfoliating your lashes until they are gone causes damage and can extract them when they are in the catagen phase.

If you’re looking for a better makeup remover that won’t damage your lashes, look no further than coconut milk cleanser. Made with organic and raw ingredients, this product gently and effectively removes eye makeup while repairing lash damage.

Use a cotton pad instead of a cotton ball or cotton swab. A cotton ball can unintentionally leave behind strands that attach to your lashes and also might cause you to rub them which lead to lash loss. You can prevent this by using your makeup remover on a clean, dry cotton pad. By taking these extra steps, you are ensuring that all of your eye makeup is removed before going to bed.

  1. Avoid Pulling Your Eyelashes

To help your lashes grow to their fullest potential, avoid any interactions that might prematurely remove them. This includes things like tugging, using extensions, or applying products close to the lash line.

Making Your Lashes Appear Longer

Want to make your lashes appear longer while you wait for them to grow? Use these helpful products!

Use a Soft Bristled Brush or an Eyelash Curler

For more voluminous lashes, use a clean mascara wand to brush them upward and help separate each individual lash.

Using an eyelash curler is not only safe for your lashes, but it can also make them look longer and fuller. When you use the curler, start at the base of the lash (being careful to avoid getting too close to your eyelid), and gently squeeze a few times before working your way up to the tip of the lash. You want to curl all sections of the lash, not just focus on one area near  the base; this will give you a natural-looking curl that lasts all day long.

Use a Lifting and Volumizing Mascara

A lifting and volumizing mascara not only gives the look of longer, thicker lashes, but can also help promote lash growth. 100% Pure’s mascaras contain hydrating and strengthening ingredients to keep lashes looking healthy.

Define Your Individual Lashes 

When you use a mascara that clumps your lashes together, it causes them to look like spiders. Not only does this appearance not look flattering, but it also leaves your lashes susceptible to breakage.

In Summary

You don’t have to rely on  harsh chemicals or unrecyclable falsies with glue  in order to achieve longer lashes. Simply take better care of your lashes and give them a boost with natural, nourishing ingredients that help support lash growth and prevent damage for strong, healthy lashes.

100% Pure provides the cleanest and greenest lash products available to give you stronger lashes that grow better over time.

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