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6 Ways To Keep Mascara From Smudging

Mascara Maintenance Tips for a Flawless Finish

We’ve all been there. You walk out of the door with a perfectly put-together look, including your go-to jet black mascara. But by lunchtime, you’re desperately searching for a mirror to find that your appearance has changed from model Status to hot mess express.

No one wants to look like they partied too hard the night before, or worse — are still hungover. To save you from looking tired and run-down, follow these steps to keep your mascara from smudging.

Why Do Mascaras Smudge?

Contrary to popular belief, your mascara is not the primary cause of your smudged makeup. It is actually due to your hydrated eyelids! Even though it may be irritating that oily lids are the source of ruined makeup, you should still try to embrace them.

Because the skin covering your eyelids is thinner than the skin on other parts of your body, it’s one of the first places that noticeable aging will occur. Dryness creates a crinkled, “chicken skin” look.

One reason smudging occurs is because the mascara formula doesn’t adhere to your lashes like it should. If your mascara isn’t made with ingredients that bond onto your lashes, you’re likely to get accidental raccoon eyes by 10:00 a.m.

Thankfully, you do not have to rely on waterproof mascara as your only options. With a few simple tips, you can get a smudge-free look that will last all day – without the fuss of trying to remove it at the end of the night.

Does Waterproof Mascara Prevent Smudging?

Not necessarily. Waterproof mascara is made with a blend of chemicals that some people question. These chemicals include polymers and silicones, which are also found in plastic. They coat lashes to make them resistant to water and sweat.

However, even waterproof formulas may smear, and your natural skin oils might cause it to slide off your lashes.

Waterproof mascara is often more harmful than good to your lashes. Not only does it fail to prevent smudging, but repeated coats also lead to brittle, breakable tarantula lashes.

Too much time spent wearing waterproof mascara can seriously damage your lashes and cause them to weaken and fall out eventually. If you use waterproof mascara, apply only a thin layer of the product on your lashes. Gently remove it with a makeup remover. Never pull or rub too hard when removing makeup from your lashes.

How Can I Keep My Mascara From Smudging?

If you want to keep your mascara from smudging, upgrade your current routine and ditch the drugstore brands. Below are six tips to do just that!

1. Wash Your Face 

If you want your mascara to look its best, make sure to apply it to clean lashes. Gently remove all traces of makeup from your eyelashes and lids with a cleansing product that will also nourish and hydrate them. 

100% Pure’s Rose Water Gel Cleanser does all of that while also delivering long-lasting hydration for healthier looking lashes.

The Rose hydrosol lightly moisturizes, reduces redness, and balances pH to soothe even the most sensitive skin, and can help condition your lashes and promote healthy lash growth. Rose Water is gentle and well tolerated by even the most sensitive of skin types.

2. Use A Primer 

Eliminate excess oil on your lids by using an eyeshadow primer, but be aware that these primers can dehydrate the skin on your lids. 

To keep your lid’s skin hydrated and smooth, use a rapidly absorbing beauty oil instead of a drying product. Make sure the beauty oil has completely absorbed into your skin before applying mascara. 

Hydrated skin will produce less sebum, which in turn prevents smudging makeup against your eyelid.

3. Try a Tri-Locking Mascara

Instead of using waterproof mascara and dealing with the damaging chemicals, polymers, and silicones, use a tri-locking mascara like 100% Pure’s Ultra Lengthening Mascara. 

Our natural ingredients will synergistically bond to your lashes while creating a hold that lasts without any harsh damage that could be bad for your health or the environment.

4. Softly Powder Under the Eyes

When you want to avoid smudging your mascara, one of the worst things you can do is put too much concealer and powder beneath your eyes. Not only will it give you a more severe raccoon eye look, but it will also be obvious that you’re wearing makeup.

The “baking” method refers to applying a thick layer of concealer under the eyes, followed by a cake-like layer of powder. This not only prematurely ages the skin around your eyes, but it also dehydrates it. A much better option would be to use a light dusting of translucent powder instead.

100% Pure’s Bamboo Blur Powder is talc and clay-free, so it won’t dry out the delicate skin around your eyes. Using this powder, lightly dust the area under your eyes prior to applying your mascara. If you get a smudge or stray bit of excess mascara under your bottom lashes, you can easily remove it by dusting off the powder.

5. Wipe Under Your Eyes (Occasionally)

Do not think of your mascara as superglue. It is bad for your eyelashes and can have harmful consequences according to ophthalmologists. Instead, choose a more natural long-lasting product that will take better care of the skin around your eyes.

If you’re worried about smudging, wipe or blot under eye area throughout the day as needed. This will prevent excess oil build-up and also remove any mascara that may have transferred from your lashes.

Blotting the area just under your brow bone will help you avoid smudging near your eyebrows.

6. Know How to Correctly Apply Mascara

One potential reason your mascara smudges might be because you’re not applying it correctly. For example, if you continue to coat the backside of your top lashes, then of course there will be some residue left on your upper eyelid. Instead, only apply the mascara to  the front of your upper lashes. Also, if you feel like one coat isn’t enough product, target additional coats specifically at the tips of your lashes instead of going over the entire lash shaft again.

When applying mascara to your bottom lashes, be careful not to go overboard. One coat should suffice because you don’t need additional volume under your eyes–plus, using too much product can cause a makeup disaster.

Should I Use a Concealer On Mascara Smudges?

Trying to cover up mascara smudges with concealer is never a good idea. For one, you would need to use more concealer than normal just to cover the smudge, and it will cake under your eyes. 

Additionally, using more concealed creates an oilier situation that makes it easier for the mascara to smear again. It’s a vicious cycle that leaves you by day’s end with caked-on makeup and still-smudged mascara.

Is It Beneficial to Use Clear Brow Gel on My Lashes?

No. Wearing brow gel under your mascara could actually cause more smudging, as well as exposing your lashes and skin around your eyes to polymers and silicones that can be irritating.

Trustworthy mascaras don’t smudge, but if yours does, follow the tips above. Makeup remover wipes are perfect to have on hand so you can quickly dab away any smudges. If you’re out of makeup wipes, use a reliable makeup remover or coconut oil instead of damaging your skin or lashes with harsh chemicals.

Mascaras are tricky- sometimes they work wonderfully and other times, not so much. But when you find a good one, stick to it! And if your mascara does smudge, don’t fret. 

Quickly clean it up with makeup remover wipes that contain nothing but raw, organic coconut oil to remove the mascara without drying out your skin or damaging your lashes.

Smudge-Free and Chemical-Free

If you want your lashes to look great and last all day, use the right kind of mascara and avoid excess product as well as chemicals.

If you want lengthier lashes, 100% Pure’s lengthening mascara is perfect for you. Not only does it have tri-lock technology, but the formula also keeps your lashes healthy and hydrated all day long.

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