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A Guide for You to Bring Your Skin, Hair, and Body Back to Life

Essentials about Skin, Hair and Body Care

If you want to feel better in body and mind, do something each day that grounds you in your physicality. Yoga, walking, giving yourself a quick massage—these activities all say “stop what you’re doing and take care of yourself.” The tips below will make you look and feel amazing from head to toe.


Remove dead skin cells

Just a few scrubs with an exfoliating mask each week, and you’ll start to see smoother, more luminous skin that feels softer and appears virtually pore-less. Especially if it contains glycolic acid and physical exfoliating minerals because they work together to rid your skin of makeup, oil, dead cells—anything dragging down your complexion.

Use Antioxidants

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that not only brightens tired skin, but also smooths, illuminates, firms, and tones it. This daily treatment makes a noticeable change in most people’s skin within a week, with the benefits continuing long-term. It’s the best way to wake up skin—and protect it from environmental aggressors simultaneously.


Deeply hydrating your skin regularly will help it to radiate, wrinkles appear less noticeable, and you won’t need as much makeup.


Endlessly beneficial for your skin, humectants are molecules that attract water. Aloe, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin-rich creams sink immediately into your skin upon application due to their light consistency – making them excellent for all skin types (even the most oily). Furthermore, they layer beautifully under heavier-duty moisturizers as a base.


Choose a light, vitamin C-enriched lotion to achieve delicately textured but powerful skin results – this daily moisturizer works for every skin type!

Rich Cream

This whipped cream, filled with water-binding ingredients, deeply nourishes all skin types and brings a vibrant life back to tired complexions.

Face Oil

Rosehip Oil, a natural alternative, gives your skin an instant glow and long-term anti-wrinkle and brightening effects. You can use it on its own or layer it over cream to help lock in moisture. It’s also great for patting over makeup to revive midday.


Out of all the possible options, balms are the richest and most soothing. When applied, it melts into your skin like an oil would whilst depositing its luxurious ingredients.


Ajooba, cupuaçu butter, and shea intensively nourish and firm the skin to make it baby soft. It also has a fresh smell that melts into the skin like a dream. 


Healthy, moisturized lips not only look younger but make your whole face appear more youthful. Our favorite lip balm from 100% Pure —the new sheer pigmented one or the original clear formula—deposits a layer of jojoba, castor, and coconut oils that cushion and last for hours while leaving lips silky and soothed.


Checking in with your body a couple times daily can vastly improve your energy, state of mind, and skin health.


Dry brushing is a great way to invigorate your senses, smooth away roughness, and start your day. Use a brush to sweep up your legs and arms in the direction of your heart, pressing down hard enough that you can feel the natural sisal bristles against your skin.

Give yourself a massage every morning for not just better skin, but also a stronger mindset. I prefer using body butter, oil, or boob cream (the best), because it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth.


One of our favorite rituals is to light a candle, pour some bath salts into a warm bath, and soak for 20 minutes. Once you’re done soaking, lay down and close your eyes, allowing any stressful thoughts to float away before going to bed.


To achieve sleek, healthy hair use this routine:

  1. Start with dry hair and apply serum. This combination of oils helps to smooth frizz, add moisture, and replenish nutrients. Allow it to sit for at least 20 minutes.
  2. Use a salt scalp scrub for shampooing; the salt and detoxifying oils work together to exfoliate away product buildup and oil—promoting healthy hair growth in the process.
  3. ‘Rinse off’ the mask then douse your strands with deep conditioning therapy
  4. Lastly, moisturize your mane with oil or leave-in treatment. You can also revitalize tired tresses during the week by touching up as needed to manage flyways frizz.


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