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A Quick Makeup Refresh

Get Ready Quickly with These 5-Minute Makeup Tips by Pati Prema Dubroff

Need a quick makeup refresh? Look no further than this five-minute makeover! With easy-to-follow tips and tricks, you’ll be ready to face the world in record time. Makeup has never been so effortless – let’s get started!

Discover how to create a fabulous look in no time at all – perfect for busy mornings or late nights when you need to leave the house looking your best. With these insider tricks, you’ll have an effortless glamour that lasts all day long.

It’s quick and simple to look polished with just a touch of makeup. A little can go far—the extra effort also builds up your confidence! Start by looking in the mirror, accepting what you see instead of zeroing-in on flaws. Ease into it by recalling the beauty that lies within you – remember who you are.

Creamy textures provide a rich texture that helps your skin remain hydrated and glowing. Setting makeup with powder is essential for long-lasting wear and defined contours, but make sure not to go overboard – too much powder can age you. Instead of masking your face in finishing powders, opt for natural looking luminosity that will keep you appearing young and vibrant.

  1. Begin by dispersing foundation or concealer evenly across the face, particularly in areas such as around the nose, mouth and beneath the eyes – striving to use as little product as possible to achieve a perfectly smooth complexion.
  2. Enhance your complexion with a touch of cream blush, such as 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip & Cheek Tint, by blending it onto the apples of your cheeks. To achieve an effortless flush that looks like you just finished a workout, select a color similar to natural flushing of the skin.
  3. To define your eyes fast, use a dark (waterproof if possible) pencil on the inner rim underneath your lashes. If you get any of it on your eyelid, delicately blur it out for an even more natural finish.
  4. For a dramatic lift to your eyes, try using an eyeliner pencil that matches the hue of your eyebrows. Apply it on the crease and then blend for a soft haze-like contour – this will add tone without being too intense.
  5. Apply a single or double coat of mascara to your curled lashes for added definition.
  6. Enhance your look and confidence by focusing on the brows. Should they be groomed, filled in, or defined? Analyze what would work best for you!
  7. To complete your look, add a hint of color to your lips with some tinted lip balm or go bolder with your favorite lipstick.

With this five minute routine, you can look and feel fabulous in no time! You’ll be ready to hit the road in a jiffy.

Enjoy Luxurious Treatments from the Comfort of Your Home

Detox Baths: 

Epsom salt baths are a luxurious way to detoxify, revive sore muscles, and reduce puffiness. I use an exfoliating mitt–the same type found in Korean spas–to invigorate my skin and make it smooth as silk afterwards. The jar of organic extra virgin coconut oil from the health food store is my go-to post-bath moisturizer; its texture melts delightfully onto your body!

Body Scrub: 
  1. Combine Turbinado sugar, olive oil, and a coarsely-ground coffee blend to effectively exfoliate and purify your pores.
  2. For a gentle yet effective scrub that will help to soften skin, try combining oatmeal and honey.
  3. Refresh your skin with aloe vera juice – it can effectively soothe razor burn, inflammations, and other rashes.

Other Skin Treatments: 

Tired of waking up with puffy eyes? Simply place a cold spoon in the freezer, and then rest it on your eye area when you wake. Additionally, you can use cotton pads soaked with milk to reduce puffiness as well. 

Need an easy preventative measure for wrinkles around the mouth? Exercise your face each day by repeating exaggerated “O” and “E” shapes (as if saying “Eeeee”) for thirty seconds; additionally purse lips right, center, and left while holding each movement steadily for 30 seconds again. Stick out your tongue while keeping eyes wide open.

Unwinding the strain in our face and jawline can help us appear younger and more approachable. These exercises are specifically designed to relax and restore facial muscle integrity for a flawless complexion.

Since childhood, Pati Dubroff has been enamored with makeup. Nowadays, she is renowned as one of the most proficient makeup artists in the world. Her friends and family lovingly refer to her as “Prema,” which means Divine Love in Sanskrit.

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