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A Cute and Cozy Look for Winter

Create a Cozy Look with Sweater Weather Makeup and Hair!

This super-cozy, stunningly knit sweater is a great addition to any wardrobe. It looks particularly fashionable when paired with leather leggings and boots or sneakers for that cool yet sophisticated look – ideal for any occasion from work meetings to date night! To complete the ensemble, opt for low-maintenance makeup and hair – nothing too flashy but still glowing and luminescent.

It’s officially sweater season, so make sure your skincare routine begins with hydration. Regardless of whether you have dry or normal skin, apply 100% Pure Tea Tree Balancing Moisturizer face oil to a moist face and wait three-to-five minutes before applying any makeup; alternatively, day moisturizers can be used too. Everyone—even those with oily skin—should then put on some eye cream right before their makeup application for the best results!

For Your Face

The Enriching Face Oil is an extraordinary, all-natural product made with a blend of USDA certified organic ingredients. It absorbs instantly into skin, providing deep hydration that leaves you with soft and radiant complexion. Not only does it turbo charge any moisturizer when used in combination but can also be worn alone for effective results! For those who are looking to revitalize their appearance at the end of a long day, this oil provides quick relief as its fast absorption allows it to be patted on top of makeup without much fuss. With roughly 99% total organic content, you can trust that your skin will benefit from using it!


Indulge your delicate eye area with the Perfecting Eye Cream. This luxurious high-tech formula deeply hydrates and soothes, softening fine lines for a more youthful appearance. Richly emollient and enriched with vitamin C oil, this cream will deliver immediate results while giving you ongoing improvements that keep on coming!

Rays From The Sun

No matter if you prefer a bare-faced look or some coverage with tint and smoothing, never skip the SPF – even in winter. Enjoy an even complexion as it infuses hydration and powerful antioxidants into your skin for a delightful finish. Achieve sheer, flattering coverage that will have everyone raving about your gorgeous glow!

If you’re seeking out a natural, beautiful look without compromising on coverage and SPF protection, then this glowy, translucent SPF 30 is your ideal product. Not only will it hydrate and nourish your skin with powerful moisturizers such as zinc oxide and Vitamin E; but you’ll also enjoy smoother-looking skin that radiates brightness all day long! So why wait? Guarantee yourself an instantly perfect complexion with this ultimate no makeup-makeup of all time – because nothing compares to feeling like the best version of YOURSELF.


Coola’s Mineral Face Tint SPF 30 has an incredibly unique and cool feel to it. This tint is easy to apply with just your fingers or a brush, and provides you with a universal sheer tint that perfectly evens out skin tone while hiding any imperfections – making this product truly magical in every sense!

Protect And Cover Up

This broad-spectrum, translucent formula is perfect for daily protection. Enriched with hydrating botanicals and zinc oxide, it works as an amazing primer to leave your skin radiant and smooth. Not only does it feel fabulous when applied, but blends in seamlessly on any type of skin providing long-lasting protection that will make your everyday skincare routine a luxurious experience!

Instead of applying more foundation to conceal dark circles, redness, or breakouts – the key is to even out skin tone with a CC/BB cream, tinted moisturizer or foundation and use concealing only for concealing. Patting it in rather than rubbing will make sure you don’t rub off what needs covering. To get perfect blending simply pat it lightly for several seconds so that your concealer looks flawless on your face!

Make Your Eyes Pop

Give your eyes the definition they deserve with 100%Pure mascara – it’s ultra-defining, glossy blackest-black color won’t flake or smudge. For an extra bit of impact and to really make your eyes pop, apply a thin line of either brown or black eyeliner along the outer upper lashes for subtle yet defined results.

Create precise lines with a Dot the pencil (we highly recommend 100%PURE’s for best results) or liquid liner – it’s one of the few clean and non-toxic options available, and astonishingly good. Begin by delicately connecting those dots near to your lash line, you can then easily erase errors using a dampened Q-Tip.

Unbelievably clean and organic, this mascara will transform your look! With superior pigment, high shine, and volumizing power that rivals conventional mascaras; you’ll have long lashes with a feathery soft finish – without any toxic chemicals. The ultra-smooth formula glides right onto the lash line; start off by applying one coat of product followed by a few seconds to dry before layering on for added color and length. Get ready to wake up your face with a lush volume that’s all natural!

Lips And Cheeks

This beauty essential is a multi-tasking powerhouse, perfect for the busy woman who wants to streamline her morning routine. Its flattering shades can be used on both cheeks and lips, making it invaluable in your makeup bag or gym bag!

By adding a delicate and refined neutral lip, your entire look will be brought together; this works with virtually every color of lipstick and looks amazing on anyone!

Color And Blam

Treat your lips to these hydrating, wearable lipsticks made with organic oils and botanical extracts (such as antioxidant jojoba oil and rosehip) plus ultra-moisturizing shea butters. Choose from a range of universally-flattering shades for any occasion—from full-on dramatic to subtly natural. Instantly liven up your complexion with whichever shade you choose!

Get all the deep moisturizing and nourishment of this No. 1 Balm, plus a sheer pigment that will suit any skin tone – with this minty lip/cheek balm! This “your-lips-but better” color is perfect for brightening up your face without looking like you’re wearing lipstick or gloss. What’s more, its unique shape fits perfectly on your lips to make it feel luxurious upon application. Get ready to experience natural beauty at its finest!

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