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A World of Possibilities with Lasers, Peels and Botox

Skin Treatments

We are all familiar with the common suggestions to take proper care of our skin: wearing SPF, eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, exfoliating, moisturizing, and avoiding direct exposure to the midday sun. Even so, when doctors specializing in dermatology or plastic surgery are prompted to reveal their secrets for gorgeous skin health they cannot help but share more than just the basics!

We turned to the best skin MDs around and gathered some priceless information: Visiting your dentist can lead to breakouts; you now have a laser specifically designed for bruises; Botox and yoga are not compatible.


Ever heard of Salicylic acid peels? Not only can they provide you with sun-protective benefits, but in the warmer months, it’s best to steer clear from Glycolic acid peels as these may make your skin more susceptible to sunburn.


A light dose of filler can be beneficial, yet an excessive amount and frequency are a recipe for disaster. Prolonged exposure to too much injectable will cause your tissue to swell up in that area; once the substance fades away you are left with droopy skin. To maintain a youthful appearance it’s important to know when enough is enough!


If you have to bruise after receiving fillers or Botox, lasers are available to reduce this appearance within a matter of hours. Instead of targeting the blood inside the vessels, these lasers target what appears as a bruise outside of them – delivering only a few rubber band snaps’ worths of sensation.


Not cleansing your face is just as bad as overcleaning it. Opt for a mild facial wash that contains emollients, oils, and humectants to help draw in hydration into the skin – not harsh sulfates.


Regardless of whether you’re indoors or outdoors, it is essential to cleanse your face and apply sunscreen each morning. Don’t forget to reapply some in the mid-afternoon too – our skin can react even to indoor lighting!


Consuming acidic foods like sodas, grains, and eggs or inflammatory food like processed meat, fried food and dairy can lead to skin issues. For this reason, it is also important to abstain from fizzy water which has a pH of 3-4.


Postpone your dental visit after any skin treatment to reduce the risk of breakout! Excessive manipulation and saliva exposure can worsen certain types of dermatological treatments.


If you repeatedly employ lip-plumping techniques, you may irreparably stretch your skin and ultimately require surgery in order to restore its original visage. This can leave an everlasting scar that could easily be avoided by being mindful of how frequently plumping is conducted.


To avoid any potential issues, I advise my patients to abstain from getting a facial that includes massage on the same day as Botox or fillers. If not done correctly, you may find yourself with eye lid droopiness and unbearable swelling the next morning when your eyes are completely shut! To be safe, please wait at least four hours before getting such type of treatment.


As we get into our fifties, Botox can be harder to apply on the forehead. The brows can go up or pull down the upper eyelids making it look less natural. To avoid this problem, you should adjust where you inject Botox in your forehead – injecting between the temple and eye area instead of directly over the eyebrows will make a huge difference.


For any procedure that involves puncturing the skin, like injections or medical needling, it’s best to avoid acid peels afterward. If you do both treatments together; you may end up with hyperpigmentation as a result.


Aging consists of three primary issues: wrinkles, loss of volume, and sagging. On their own, each component can appear unnatural if only one modality is used to treat it – similar to getting the oil changed in your car without attending to any other maintenance needs. Achieving an authentic outcome for aging skin requires addressing all components together.

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