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Accomplish Flawless Brows in Just a Few Steps

 Perfectly Defined Arches with Our Effortless Brow Tutorial

It’s no secret that eyebrows are integral to the overall look of your face. Not only do they have fantastic health benefits, like keeping sweat, water and debris out of our eyes, but their beauty is also instrumental in nonverbal communication which can express emotion without words. That’s why it makes sense that #InstaBrows or strong brow game has become a trending topic on social media lately!

While your eyebrows are essential for creating the perfect makeup look, it doesn’t mean that you need to spend hours and hours perfecting them. A transformation isn’t about how long it takes to complete but rather what kind of effect you are looking for in the end. Whether you want a subtle change or an extreme makeover, we have all-inclusive products that will do just that.

If you’re like us here at Glo Skin Beauty and prefer a more natural look, we’ve got just what you need. The #InstaBrows trend is great but we strive to create an enhanced version of our own unique brow shape. With only three products, it’s incredibly simple! Get ready for your very own Brow Transformation with this easy guide below.


Prepping your skin prior to applying makeup is an essential step in preserving your complexion and maximizing the longevity of cosmetics. Our products make it easy to maintain a daily regimen that works for all types of skin, including oily. In this example, we recommend products for oily skin: Oily Skin Regimen: Purifying Cleanser, Purifying Mist, Oil Free Moisturizer and Oil Free SPF 40+. Finally, apply a Stay-In-Place Foundation and Long Lasting Concealer – perfect looks for any occasion!

Step 1 

Utilize the Hynt Beauty Forte High Definition Brow Liner to delicately define your eyebrows with thin, feathery strokes. Then use a light hand to fill in any sparse areas for perfect and complete brows!

This wax-infused formula is intensely pigmented, imparting a natural feathery look that lasts up to 10+ hours. Define and intensify your brows with ease using our lightweight yet powerful product.

Step 2 

Make your brows look even more defined and sculpted by utilizing the jane iredale Smudge Brush and Under Eye Concealer to apply product on top of and below the arch.

Create a brow look that’s just right for you with this product! It precisely highlights your brow bone, and comes in nuanced shades to achieve the perfect shade. No matter what skin type you have, it will work wonders on your face.

Step 3 

Complete your brow makeover with Brow Gel; use a stroke that moves upwards and outwards.

Whether you’re styling for a night out or just need to keep your brows looking perfect all day, this product will provide the ultimate sheen with long-lasting hold. 

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