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Achieve a Radiant Summertime Look with These 11 Tips!

Create a Gorgeous Summer Glow

Apply Skin Supporting Ingredients 

To achieve ultimate summer radiance, you must employ a multi-tiered strategy: nutritious meals; ample exercise; nourishing skin care products with restorative properties; and the perfect touch of makeup (highlighter, bronzer, self-tanner). The outcome? Glowing complexion without dangerous sun exposure. To ensure maximum protection from UV rays all year long, be sure to apply SPF 35 sunscreen every day—no matter what your skin type!


Get the power of physical and chemical exfoliation in one product with an exfoliator! Instantly smooth away dullness, refine uneven texture, and reveal a radiant complexion. Experience beautiful results right away when you use this wonder-working skincare hero!

Apply Serum

This daily glow serum is a powerhouse of skin care, combining the antioxidant vitamin C in its purest form—L-ascorbic acid – with hyaluronic acid; an incredible natural hydration booster naturally found within our bodies. Clinical research has proven that this combination helps to deliver powerful benefits for your skin.



If you are looking for an effortless way to get beautiful, radiant skin that looks great without makeup, then this lotion is perfect for you! It quickly brightens and evens out your complexion while also providing intense moisture. Its formula contains active levels of a spirulina enzyme, special proteins that offer protection against environmental aggressors like light pollution, antioxidant vitamin C and Kakadu plum extract to give skin a healthy glow.


We were astounded by the clinically proven results when we tried a deluxe active facial oil: skin was left smoother, firmer, softer, brighter and irresistibly hydrated.

Weekly Skin Treatment


Experience brighter and softer skin overnight with an exfoliating peel! This intensive treatment is designed to refine, retexturize, and brighten dull complexions while you rest for a luminous glow by morning.


With a face mask, you can quickly and easily transform your skin overnight. Wake up with silky smoothness and a radiant glow that will make others take notice!


Clay has the tendency to dry out your skin, yet this luscious combination of rose water and pink clay will make it silky soft! It feels divine as you massage it in. Not only that, but after use you’ll be left with a firm complexion that is velvety smooth to the touch and bursting with hydration.


The lightweight, semi-matte texture absorbs quickly for a natural radiant finish – perfect for everyday wear either over your moisturizer or under makeup. Additionally, it provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB defense while being enriched with nourishing skin-care extracts such as prickly pear and safflower oils that soothe the complexion whilst deeply moisturizing it.


Tanning water is an absolute delight to use! After applying it with the Gradual Self-Tanning Lotion, it turns into a luxurious and hydrating foam that melts effortlessly onto skin. Not only does this clear mousse leave no residue or transfer on clothing or sheets, but its quick-dry formula has been enriched with organic botanicals for added hydration.


Get radiant and illuminated skin with this beautiful iridescent highlighter! It’s made with nourishing baobab-seed oil that gives it a deliciously dewy gleam. Sweep over your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, eyelids, and Cupid’s bow for an eye-catching shimmer that will highlight you in all the right places.


With this luxurious cream bronzer, you can enjoy a sun-kissed glow that’s simply gorgeous. Swirl your brush into the balm and blend it across the contours of your face – including cheekbones, forehead, nose bridge and jawline – to effortlessly achieve an enviable bronze hue. To maximize its results, use Saie Big Brush; with its help you can layer up for more intense hues while leaving your skin with a plush velvet finish!


Give your skin a fresh, just-pinched glow with our sheer and nourishing all-natural pigments. Our creamy texture melts easily into the skin for hydration that lasts throughout the day—all thanks to natural ingredients like jojoba and calendula! Whatever your skintone may be, you’ll find a perfect color match to flatter it; simply dab or brush on at the apples of your cheeks, then blend outwards in an upward angle for maximum chiseling effect.

Body Oil

Pamper your skin with this luxurious, aromatic oil for a sun-kissed bronze glow. Coconut and avocado oils intensely hydrate your complexion while raspberry oil soothes and revitalizes it. Watermelon, coffee, and cacao oils enhance any tone of the skin to create a delicate tan hue. Simply shake up this product well before applying over legs or shoulders —or wherever else you desire some radiance and hint of color!

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