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Achieve Effortless-Looking Hair in 3 Easy Ways

Pro Methods for Effortlessly Stylish Hair

Currently, it’s all about the effortless look. Everyone wants to appear like they didn’t spend hours getting ready—even those right out of the salon!

You can guarantee that styling tools haven’t gone anywhere; we’re just using them for a more unkempt style than before. As you wave hello to your satisfied customers from across the street, know that blown-outs and curls aren’t in danger of becoming extinct any time soon!

The public is currently in pursuit of a more natural, effortless beauty look. Hair oils like this are an ideal way to achieve that vibe, whether you choose to style with hot tools or just let it air-dry.

The latest trend seems to be leaning towards the off duty model aesthetic; one that skips out on super slick and glossy locks for something less polished but still unique and quirky looking. It’s all about allowing your individual personality characteristics to shine through!

Achieving an effortless look doesn’t have to be difficult; here are three of our favorite routes!

Achieve the Ultimate Natural Look with Air-Dried

The key to fast air-drying is removing excess water. Therefore, you should blot dry with a towel or wrap your hair up in one and squeeze it gently. For best results, I suggest utilizing microfiber towels, as they have more surface area for absorbing moisture.

The only thing you must keep an eye on when using any sort of cloth is being too rough, since that can create unwanted frizz!

If you’re someone with a lot of frizz, use paper towels to gently remove excess moisture from your hair. It’s best if it is mostly dry before applying product. For thick hair, opt for creams or oils—just remember to use small amounts and rub the product into your hands first so that it spreads out evenly when applied.

You can even mist oil onto the strands like Vitamin Healthy Hair De-Frizz Serum for an extra layer of protection! This formula is incredibly natural and provides that sought-after cool-girl look. It’s the ultimate solution for achieving your desired style!

To ensure even distribution of the mist, flip your hair over and apply it from mid-length to the ends. Alternatively, you can also spray a small amount into your hands and then run them through your hair.

To keep locks looking lusciously healthy, use leave-in conditioner, which will provide revitalizing moisture for an impeccable look.

For a more defined curl, simply grasp individual strands of hair with your fingers and twist into the desired shape. Secure the result by using clips to hold it in place for as long as you please.

Alternatively, try separating two sections of hair located on opposite sides and twirling them around each other until they form a rope-like pattern; then, just clip the ends together so that the style doesn’t come undone! You’ll be amazed at how beautiful this look is when taken down!

To reduce the level of frizz, refrain from touching your hair excessively. Rather, lightly mist your hands with a product and then curl sections around one finger at a time. If necessary, you can use more product on any stubborn frizzy spots that remain; however, be sure not to overuse the product or blot some off with a paper towel if it feels too oily and heavy for your liking.

If you have fine hair, mousses are a great styling option. When air-drying your hair, it is best to apply the product to a paddle brush and distribute through the ends instead of applying it directly at the roots as you would when blow-drying. A small amount of mousse will provide an all day hold and texture without activating with heat or turning into a sticky mess!

Transform your fine hair into a voluminous masterpiece by flipping it upside down and shaking it as you blow dry. Afterwards, add some dry shampoo for texture and volume that will last all day without getting oily.

‘Slightly Blow-Dry’

Do you want to experience the look of air drying your hair but with added shine, shape, and control? If yes, then a “rough dry” is perfect for you. All it takes is some flipping upside down movements while spritzing in texture (such as Multi-Vitamin Healthy Hair Leave-In Conditioner) before using the blow-dryer, which helps create an awesome texture that will guarantee adoring results!

To add more texture to my hair, I enjoy utilizing salt and surf sprays while it’s still slightly damp. When using a blow-dryer, remember that some frizz is desirable when aiming for an air-dried look—not excessive volume like cotton candy; the ideal bouncy ringlets we’re used to are far from reality’s “star vibes.”

When your hair is completely dry, you can experiment with a variety of styles! Try wrapping it around an object like a toilet-paper roll or rags for some casual curls. If you want something more intricate, braid your thick and long hair when the moisture has been thoroughly removed. You’ll end up with cool beachy waves once the braids are released from their tight hold!

If you’re looking to create a bit of texture and waves, go for an uneven approach. Take random pieces of hair in your hand and curl them around the iron with haste—don’t worry about perfect sections or even wrapping it all the way up.

You’ll be creating a unique rope-like wave instead of precise curls, as long as you’re quick when releasing each piece from the clamp. This will give off that cool “lived-in” look while keeping everything appear effortless!

As you style your hair, use a gentle touch. Rather than cranking up the heat to high levels, opt for lower temperatures and repeat it if necessary. When curling your locks with the iron, grab random pieces at once and curl them into bigger sections before splitting them in two—this way your hairstyle will look more regal like the Princess Bride rather than overly styled like Jersey Shore or a chic French girl!

Sleek Blow-out!

We are no longer striving for perfect, glistening blowouts. Instead of trying to achieve the same look as a keratin treatment through excessive heat styling and straightening, we’re now opting for something more refined: hair that is clean, stylish, yet still has movement.

We don’t want our strands to be over-processed and fried; instead, it’s about finding the balance between sophistication and an overdone look.

The great news is, you don’t have to be a perfectionist when styling your hair at home! Allowing yourself the freedom of not having perfect results makes it simpler and much more manageable.

Just work in sections with your blow dryer and focus on taming down the cuticle for added shine as well as movement. Aiming for that meticulousness section-by-section isn’t good for your locks anyways, plus it won’t give off those trendy vibes either!

To keep my hair looking luscious, I always reach for Hair Oil with Lavender. This product can be applied pre-shampoo or on the mid lengths and ends before styling to inhibit frizz.

Additionally, you’ll want a large boar bristle brush over ceramic or wire brushes as these could get too hot and tear through your tresses instead of carefully detangling them – leading to split ends. For curly haired folks like myself, using a flat iron is ideal for touching up unruly pieces, while concentrating with your blow dryer also works wonders!

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