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Achieve the Perfect Root Touch-up

Discover Simple Strategies that Will Leave You with Gorgeous, Healthy Hair Roots

Embrace the beauty of roots or erase fading color with ease—coloring your hair is a great way to do both! Whether you get it done at the salon or take matters into your own hands, colored locks can create many fashionable looks.

Take ombré for example; one of today’s most popular trends which essentially consists of grown-out roots. Yet if that’s not your style, worry not—easily eradicating those unwanted hues has never been easier!

Before you visit a colorist, be sure to ask for guidance on potential shades and brands. Some salons even create custom kits made specifically for individual clients, while others may suggest over-the-counter products instead.

It is wise to seek professional advice when selecting your shade and the frequency of reapplying the dye. With an expert’s insight, you can achieve the results you desire!

The Roots Only

Touching up your roots should be done carefully, for a number of reasons. It’s important to remember that the base color for roots is different compared to the already-colored part of your hair, so they won’t necessarily match if you try and recolor it all.

This leads us to one of the most common mistakes women make when coloring their own hair—attempting to dye everything at once! To achieve an even finish while avoiding disaster, only focus on refreshing or modifying those areas with visible regrowth instead.

Coloring your hair too regularly will not only flatten its look, but it can also darken it more than you intended. By layering color on top of color and overdying your roots, you are at risk of potential breakage if you’re blonde. To avoid this, just focus on fixing your roots and don’t recolor as often—that’s the best way to keep your hair healthy!

At-Home Root Treatments You’ll Love

  • Introducing the miracle of eye shadow for hair—a temporary yet incredibly effective solution to all your hair troubles. This unique product is designed like an eyeshadow palette and dispenses an amazing powder that clings to your locks with invisible finesse! It’s super easy too, taking only two minutes to be applied with a brush.

Best of all, it looks totally natural while being less damaging than other styling methods out there. Everyone should have one in their shade on hand as you never know when you might need it most during emergencies!

Long-Lasting Color for up to Seven Washes With Temporary Gel Color!

Christophe Robin, the celebrated French colorist, has developed a revolutionary new product, Color in a Box. This unique hair dye offers an imperceptible blend that looks and feels just like you would receive it from his Parisian salon. And if that wasn’t enough, this innovative formula lasts for seven shampoos before fading away! Not only does it give your hair vibrant hues, but it also works as an intensive treatment, leaving the locks nourished and glossy-looking.

It’s amazing that this hair color is created without PPD, resorcinol, ammonia, peroxide, oxidants, and sodium laurel sulfate. What makes it even more impressive is the fact that it does not include any worrying compounds like silicones or other hazardous chemicals associated with scalp itchiness or severe reactions.

To use this hair color, simply wash your strands and slather the gel onto them. Let it sit for forty minutes while you pamper yourself with a luxurious Organic Lavender Sea Therapy Bath or give yourself an at-home pedicure – anything to pass the time!

With four shades available ranging from golden blonde to dark chestnut and its super thick consistency that won’t drip everywhere, it’s no wonder I’ve had plenty of opportunities to multi-task during my coloring session. Plus, it comes complete with gloves as well as a toothbrush applicator so you can easily reach every corner, and instructions for both root touchups and allover application are also included in case you need some guidance.

It is more like a beauty treatment than a hair dye, as it practically is one. For my highlights, I also add in some conditioner to protect them from the colour; however only on small sections of hair that I would colour.

  • Permanent color works best for me and lasts until your roots start growing again—this was what changed my life! Now, with dpHUE’s Root Touch-Up at home box option, everything has become easier! It takes a mere 10 minutes or less and blends easily with nearly every single brand of hair dye product there is.

The remarkable ease and blendability of the color is supposedly due to it being specifically engineered for faded hair, but I still can’t comprehend how it works. Did this revelation make me want to stop visiting my hairdresser and dye my own hair at home?

It did not: The very first time she dyed my hair ended with a date several hours later. Miraculously, on that date, we got onto the topic of hair color. “Do you know what people are willing to pay in order for their locks look naturally like yours do?” asked him incredulously. There was no doubt in my mind: my hair colorist will always be part of my life!

1. Select the Perfect Color for Your Needs

When it comes to root touch-ups, especially around your face, opt for lighter shades. It is wise to use a color that’s slightly lighter than the rest of your hair at the front and sides of your head, as your own hair has its own hairs have their own texture which tends to absorb more pigment. This will prevent an unnatural dark look near your face!

If you’re a busy mom struggling to find time for yourself, your choice of allover hair color should be carefully considered—the more maintenance it requires, the less time you’ll have. Going pale blonde could prove to be too much effort if that’s what your schedule allows; on the other hand, red fades fastest and may not need as frequent touch-ups in comparison.

2. Eliminate That Unwanted Red/Orange/Brassiness Fade

Whenever you opt to dye your hair, even if it is a dark color, lightening the strand must take place in order for the coloring process to be successful. Consequently, when permanent hair colors fade away and lose their initial luster over time, some discoloration remains behind, which brings about tones that are lighter than your original shade.

For example – black fades into violet-reds, dark browns shift redder shades of hue whilst regular brown hues transition towards orange pigmentations. Blondes usually experience alterations between various golden glows with undertones ranging from oranges to distinct brassy castings.

3. To Avoid Fading, Start Your Color Palette With the Ash Family

When it comes to boxed hair color, you’ll usually find labels such as “ash,” “warm,” and “golden.” In most cases, those with warm or golden hues provide more red undertones. If this isn’t your preference, start off with ash for a more subtle shift in color.

Although all professionals may disagree on this advice; typically the people who request more red are quite aware of their decision, while those opposed often fail to recognize that choosing ‘ash’ is an excellent solution to avoid any unwanted reddish overtones.

With that being said, if you have a trusted stylist available, then by all means take their advice! But if you’re left alone in the drugstore trying out different shades and want anything but orange-red highlights, try starting out with ash!

4. For Your Second Fade Fix Solution, Get Glossy

Fading hair color can be easily refreshed and renewed with glosses, a form of semipermanent coloring that repairs tone while increasing the overall shine. Gloss treatments generally preserve their effects for twelve to twenty shampoos, depending on your individual tresses and how you care for them. These products are great options if you want to prolong each dye job without compromising the health of your mane!

To recreate a similar effect at home, use semipermanent color. When selecting your shade, opt for something that is on the lighter side of what looks appropriate; if you don’t get enough tone correction with this hue, then select a darker one next time around.

5. Keep Away From Pools and the Sun to Keep Your Hair Color Looking Its Best

If you’re planning to go into a pool or hot tub, make sure to wet your locks before entering the water. This is crucial because chlorine in pools can act as bleach and cause damage if it’s not sealed properly beforehand. Consider treating your hair like a sponge; fill it with plain water so that it won’t be more susceptible to absorb the chlorine. Taking this extra step will truly pay off every single time!

6. Take a Moment to Consider the Type of Shampoo That Will Best Suit Your Needs

To maintain the vibrant color of your hair, it is important to be mindful about how often you wash it—especially with detergent-based shampoos! Try cutting down on washes and opting for SLS-free formulas. Additionally, make sure to condition regularly as this will help restore softness and luster.

Neutralizing brassy tones can also be achieved by using purple or green based shampoo specifically tailored towards blonde or brown shades respectively. With these tips in mind, you’ll find that managing a healthy head of hair becomes much easier!

7. For All Hair Color Types, Never Neglect to Condition!

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