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The Magic of Eye Cream

Tips to Using Eye Cream during Fall

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When it comes to gardening and makeup, both require care in order to be successful. The soil must be taken care of if you want anything blooming from your plants – just like the skin is paramount if you seek a stunning look with your makeup products. According to several makeup artists, skin care is fundamental. When your complexion is hydrated and luminous, it positively influences how anything else looks.

We’re a huge proponent of clean skin care products and from 100% PURE you can get the best clean products, but we emphasize that lifestyle choices are what really show on your face. Going out partying or feeling guilty will make you look worn out. So take good care not only of your skin with great products but also nourish yourself nutritionally and emotionally – boring advice though it may be!

We are passionate about changing the way we look at our “imperfections”. At this time, practically any issue can be fixed by a doctor. But we cherish many of those features that are usually seen as flaws. Embrace your wrinkles and creases! Love them and take care of them until they become attractive lines! We will show you fall-inspired makeup tricks that combine skin maintenance with creamy concealers, pencils, and balms for a radiant glow.

Wake Up Your Entire Face With Eye Cream

Keeping your eye area hydrated and nourished is key to achieving a youthful appearance throughout the day. If you want your eyes to look refreshed and less puffy, we recommend getting plenty of restful sleep and cutting down on wine consumption prior – but most importantly: incorporate an effective eye cream into your daily skincare routine! For ultimate hydration and a velvety smooth finish, choose Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream – it’s the perfect moisturizer for your skin! The balmy texture of this product will melt into the delicate area around your eyes with ease. What makes it even better? Revive tired, puffy eyes with anti-inflammatory caffeine from green tea and coffee. These powerful drinks help to boost circulation and diminish dark circles. This product is also formulated with vitamin-packed antioxidants that work to awaken the eye area, whilst nourishing rosehip oil works hard to soften skin for a more youthful appearance. Enjoy long-lasting effects while you nourish and protect your skin today with 100% PURE eye cream!

It’s so invigorating. Just let it warm between your fingers and gently press it into the skin around your eyes. Avoid rubbing in the cream because that would only transfer away from where you need it most. Step back and honestly observe—your entire face will already look brighter without any makeup! As soon as your skin is soft and hydrated, puffiness starts looking healthier. No need to hide behind layers of cosmetics; excess amounts may exaggerate an issue more than necessary.

Want to the secret weapon for makeup touch-ups? Eye cream! Take a Q-tip dipped in the eye cream to clean and nourish your face, then add some concealer if necessary. Another great tip is putting your eye cream on other parts of the body, and massaging it into your neck or upper lip when those areas don’t look so good. After all, who can forget the smokers’ lines from growing up in England back in the 90s…?

Lots Of Moisturizing 

When it comes to your skin, hydration is key. Not only does this make a noticeable difference in terms of appearance and feel, but it also reduces the amount of makeup required. 100% PURE has something special as soon as you try the Bakuchiol Moisturizer you will know immediately that your skin had never felt so soft and luxurious before. 

If you suffer from blocked pores and breakouts, it’s strongly advised to use masks for multiple purposes, such as moisturizing and exfoliating. Not only is the process of using a mask deeply relaxing, but it can also work wonders on those days when you don’t feel your most beautiful – they make an excellent pick-me-up! A great pick from 100% PURE is the Matcha Oat Milk Nourishing Mask.

Magical Tip = Eye Cream + Concealer

​​According to many makeup artists, if you’re having issues with concealer lifting from your skin after a couple of hours, instead of piling on more product – which often looks dry and defeated – try using a small drop of eye cream. Utilizing the same consistency or texture as your liquid pen concealers will ensure that both products melt together into the perfect combination. Patting this in softly with your fingers is key to achieving optimal blending results.

Highlighter For A Healthy Glowing Skin

To further revitalize the complexion and amplify its natural radiance, you have to experiment luminizing pigments. 100% PURE’s Fruit Pigmented® Gemmed Luminizer are our personal preference, having just the right amount of shimmer and pearly hues to create a dewy, radiant vibe that oozes health.

Try swiping a bit of highlighter at the corner of your eyes, or sweeping some up on your cheekbones for an ethereal and radiant look. Both options will give you that natural-looking glow!

Be Creative!

Want something subtler yet still radiant? Grab a brown eye pencil, like the Creamy Long Last Liner from 100% PURE and mix it with some eye cream on the back of your hand to get a cream shadow. The result? A soft shimmer that will make every one say wow! Gently swirl the cream to combine it with pigment, then lightly press this combination up against your lashes, along the lid. This will provide a delicate and mysterious effect! A bonus tip: since you mixed eye pencil with eye cream in order to create your own makeup, use the same Eye Cream as a refresher if desired – since both products have already formed an ideal bond!

Lips And Cheeks

We love using a terracotta or brick-red lipstick for an autumnal look. Even if you don’t feel motivated to wear heavy makeup, but the subtle and creamy details can make you instantly pulled together. 100% PURE has some tints and balms that you can use to apply on your cheeks and lids as well! With this method, you’ll achieve a fresh-faced glow that is sure to put anyone in the fall spirit.

The Most Important Thing is To Love Your Skin The Way It Is

Reflect on the power of kindness when it comes to aging. Your features will certainly change, and I’m sure we all have moments in front of the mirror that aren’t too kind. But being gentle with yourself is something so powerful; our outlook often changes depending on our current state. No good ever comes from looking at ourselves critically. Let that go and offer a bit more tenderness! You’ll be surprised how much happier you will feel after turning away from those negative thoughts.

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