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Amazing Haircut Styles and How to Style Them

Here Are 7 Chic Hairstyles For You to Try

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If you’re looking for a classic and flattering hair style, look no further! These seven styles are classics for a reason. Here, we provide expert advice on how to adapt each look depending on your hair type, lifestyle, and desired level of maintenance.

When changing your hairstyle, there are various things you should take into account, such as: texture, time for upkeep, face shape, and even the climate.

It’s always a good idea to choose a style that works with your natural hair texture so you’re not struggling with it every day. Additionally, think about how long you’re willing to spend on maintenance and if the climate where you live or any physical activity will affect the new style.

Everyone can admit that having a clean and well-conditioned head of hair makes any hairstyle look ten times better.



If you have fine hair and are looking for a style that will make it appear fuller, opt for a bob. Longer styles can weigh down your hair and make it look thinner than it is. The shorter length and blunt lines of a bob create the illusion of thicker, healthier hair.

To achieve the most volume with fine hair, ask your stylist for a blunt bob. If you have thicker hair, it will still look great in a bob, but loosen up the lines by having your stylist texturize the ends. This will create a softer edge and avoid a blocky pyramid shape. To add shine and swing to your style at home use a round blow-dry brush and hair-dryer; also try adding some dry shampoo for lift.



If you’re considering a long bob, know that it can look flattering on many hair types and textures. I always tell clients to start off with a longer length than they think they want; often, they end up liking the length better than they initially thought. The great thing about a lob is its versatility: you can style it straight or wavy. For either look, apply volumizer at the roots and oil on the ends for softness.



The secret to this look is in the texture and slightly messy appearance. Some hair types just need a good layered cut to show off the waves—nothing else. If you already have curls or texture, use a curling iron on only a few sections for added enhancement. Curl no more than 20-30% of your hair, making sure to curl in different directions so you don’t end up with one big curl. In general, the less you curl, the more natural it will appear.

Not only can you use a curling iron to smooth frizz, but there are multiple ways to manage frizz altogether. You can pretreat your hair with serum and see fewer flyaways from the very beginning. Or, if you’re finishing up a style and notice some stray pieces, simply apply some frizz cream to the ends.

If you have naturally straight hair, adding sea salt spray, dry shampoo, and a curling iron will help bring out a more wave-like texture. To style your hair in the most natural way possible, curl sections of your mane in different directions. Also, when using a curler barrel on the outside parts of your strands (instead of the inside), always leave about half an inch at the bottom uncurled for a more lived-in look.

Use a Hair Oil



The most important aspect of this style is the cut. Layers are a versatile option that requires less effort to maintain, and shags are some of the most famous in layered styles. If your hair falls past your shoulders, though, you may have difficulty achieving enough volume.

A shorter shag highlights movement and creates sexy texture and bounce, especially if you have wavy or curly hair.

Without layers, hair can appear flat and limp. To style fine hair, use a little mousse at the roots and finish with texturizing paste. This will give your client’s hair a smooth, defined look that will last all day.



Use products that will enhance your hair’s natural texture and shape. A light mist or cream can give volume to your hair without making it greasy. I love using hair oil or leave-in conditioner as styling products because you’re not only giving moisture to your hair but also fighting frizz; this keeps hair looking shiny and healthy effortlessly.



If you have straight hair and want to keep it that way, a flatiron will be your new best friend. If you’re looking for more volume, blow-dry your roots for lift. However, if your locks are textured or curly, know that any amount of heat or chemicals needed to make them straight will damage your hair to some extent.

A simple way to achieve sleek hair is by air-drying it and then using a flat iron or heat-styling brush. This will avoid exposing your hair to too much heat. If you have heavier hair, use creams and pomades to help weigh it down. For the most dramatic look, try a center part with soft flyaways at the top of your head.



A change in hairstyle can make a big impact, too. Generally, shorter hair entails less time spent on maintenance, and you’ll need regular trims to keep your desired shape. It’s also simpler to achieve volume when there’s less weight from long hair dragging it down. For straight hair, salt spray or styling mousse can provide great texture without much effort or time. And if you have natural texture, use a pomade or leave-in conditioner to define curls and reduce frizziness.

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