Applying Blush Is a Breeze!

Here’s The Simple Process You Need to Follow!

On a daily basis, we attempt to apply blush that works with our skin tone and texture. And yet, for some of us it still feels like an unachievable feat! If you’re struggling to find the perfect fit or learn how to place your blush based on face shape – don’t worry. Our Global Artistry Lead Janeena Rumsey is here with all her expert advice and hacks so you can finally master applying the right kind of flush every time!

Kick Off Your Journey With Skin Care!

To get a healthy, glowing look, it’s vital to prep your skin first. Those with dry skin should be especially careful: powder blush can highlight lack of moisture and make any patches more visible. Make sure you use an hyaluronic acid serum as part of your skincare routine, along with one that is enriched in vitamin C—exfoliating regularly will help too! Our exfoliant is ideal for this task; finish off by applying a nourishing moisturizer which includes SPF protection.

For those who have combination or oily skin, it’s best to purify and even out your complexion prior to makeup application. Begin with a facial cleanser before proceeding onto an exfoliator in addition to moisturizer including SPF. It is also essential that you select the right foundation and concealer for your face so you can achieve an ideal base from which to layer on color cosmetics afterwards.

Discovering the Perfect Blush Color for Your Skin Tone

Determing the perfect blush for your skin tone can be a daunting task. But Janeena has some advice – start by picking based off of your undertone and complexion shade, whether it’s cream or powder! Whether you want something subtle or more bold, there is definitely one that fits perfectly with you.

For those with fair and cool skin tones, a soft blue-pink shade will provide a beautiful flushed look. On the other hand, for warm undertones, opt for peachy-pinks or corals to bring warmth and radiance to your complexion. If you have deeper skin tones, go bold with hot pink, orange, deep currant bronze or golds that will exude depth while creating an alluring highlight.

For those with skin that tends to flush easily, bronzer could be an excellent alternative to blush since it will give you a sun-kissed rather than flushed look. Additionally, opting for blushes with both cool and warm undertones like coral pink combined with gold is sure to produce universally flattering results!

Applying Blush? Enhance Your Natural Beauty with These Easy Tips!

Selecting the right brush is essential for achieving flawless flush to your cheeks. I adore a highlighter brush when it comes to powder blushes and bronzers, as its two-sided design guarantees an array of possible looks. With its tightly packed bristles, this instrument facilitates loading just the correct amount of powder onto the tool without overdoing it – giving you precise control while applying.

To create a naturally youthful look, apply your blush along the center of your cheekbone and blend it up toward the temple. To find where to begin on each side, measure down to meet the apple of your cheeks which is in line with the iris of each eye. Concentrate most pigment there and then fade out as you reach upward towards the temples.

  • For younger, glowing cheeks, apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks then blend out slightly below the eye area to give a rounded effect.
  • Enhance your features and create a sculpted lift with this easy trick – start by applying blush on the outer, upper cheekbone then blend it upwards in an arc towards the temples.
  • For a radiant, sun-kissed look, apply blush from the bridge of your nose up to the apples of your cheeks.
  • To achieve an elegant draped look, blend the blush from your eyelid towards the outer corner of your eye and then up to your temples, cheekbones, and brow arch. Make sure all colors are connected for a beautiful finish!

For a truly cohesive, soft look, Janeena recommends blending and blending until you get your desired effect. To modernize this monochromatic makeup style even further, consider swiping some of your favorite lip crayon or lipstick on the apples of your cheeks!

Learn How To Apply Blush Based On Your Face Shape!

Unless you’re a die-hard fan of the 1980s, blush should be applied in order to create a subtle and natural look. Taking into account your facial structure is essential when determining where to place it for optimal results. With the right placement, blush will accentuate and define your features perfectly!

Oval Faces

Individuals with longer faces and high cheekbones should apply blush to the area above their cheekbones, rather than in the hollow beneath. This helps accentuate your cheekbones and adds dimension when paired with a highlighting product!

Heart-Shaped Faces

This facial shape has an elongated formation and distinguished cheekbones with a pointy chin. For the perfect flush, use blush in a curved “C” pattern, starting at your temple and gradually intensifying along the cheekbone. Continue layering on to reach your desired color saturation before blending it into softness for a natural look!

Square Faces

This shape is characterized by straight sides and a flat jawline. To create definition, start by brushing your blush along the entire cheekbone from brow corner to hairline. If you want an even subtler look, lightly dust some of the product along the sides of your nose as well for extra structure. These simple steps will help soften any hard edges for a more lifted appearance!

Round Faces

To emphasize the roundness of your cheeks, smile and gently brush blush on to the apples. Then spread that same color up towards your temples while adding a touch beneath your chin – blending it out well! With this technique you will have achieved definition on a feature that many find desireable.

Oblong Faces

With a face shape that has an equal forehead, cheeks, and jawline width, it’s important to apply blush on the apple of your cheeks while blending towards the temple. Adding a touch of blush onto the side of your brows will help balance those features and bring them into harmony. If you prefer either a subtle or more pronounced color pop for added effect, try experimenting with different textures and shades until you find what works best for you. Unsure whether cream or powder blush is right? We’ve got just the answer!

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