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Ready to Make a Statement With Your Lip Color?

Then let’s get started!

Up your everyday makeup look with a daring lip and forget the hassle of trying to masterfully apply it. Whether you choose an audacious crimson red or an eye-catching pink, we’ve got some pro tips for applying bold lipstick flawlessly! Don’t be alarmed by imperfection – simply put on this beauty trend fearlessly any time of year. With our advice, people will gaze at your smackers in admiration, not disbelief!


Follow these tips and tricks for applying bold lips

  1. Begin by giving your lips a rejuvenating exfoliation and hydration treatment. Utilize a toothbrush to delicately brush away dead skin cells on your lips every week, then apply nourishing lip balm for best results. This ensures that the color will go on evenly and appear beautifully smooth!
  2. For the best finish, use a dab of concealer that seamlessly blends with your complexion on the lips. This will effectively neutralize its natural hue and serve as an ideal foundation for any lipstick.
  3. Start by lining your lips with a pencil that is close in color to the lipstick you will use. The Lip Pencil we used works great for this! Use the side of it to lightly trace along the outer rim of your lip, so when you apply lipstick afterward, there won’t be any harsh lines. Defining your lips first gives them structure and shape, allowing for better precision once you start applying your shade; plus, it’ll help keep things from feathering out or fading too quickly throughout the day. To add even more depth and dimension to look, try using a shade slightly darker than what’s on top – trust us: It looks beautiful.
  4. For a perfectly precise pout, use this lipstick to apply your liner and fill in the rest of your lips. This beautiful wine shade is sure to bring out all their natural beauty! You can either apply directly from the tube or use a lip brush for an even more polished look.
  5. To perfect the shape and look of your lips, use a dab of concealer and gently spread it along the lip with a flat brush. This will bring out any sharp edges or discrepancies in tone, creating an even-looking line that is both neat and defined. Carefully blend your skin with the product for flawless results.


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