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At-Home Spa Day Essentials

The Ultimate Spa Getaway Starter Kit

Home is the safest, most tranquil environment available to us right now. That’s why it’s crucial that we take a couple of hours out of our week and completely unplug – no phones allowed!

An invigorating bubble bath combined with an allover oil can make anyone feel like they’re hitting up a spa down the hallway if done properly. Letting go for just one day each week will help reduce stress levels in unimaginable ways, so let’s not forget how important self-care really is.

1. Reenergize in a Relaxing Ambience

Bathing is already calming, but this detox soak takes it to a whole new level of relaxation. Not only does the hot water work wonders on your skin and muscles, but you can even add essential oils for an extra luxurious experience.

We love all of the aromas in aromatherapy—especially citrus, which has an uplifting effect – when we want that spa-like feeling!

2. Rejuvenating Microcurrent, Followed by an Exfoliation Treatment

While the tub is filling, it’s time to indulge in face and body treatments. ZIIP boasts great lifting, firming, and depuffing abilities that can be completed within minutes per side of your face.

Following that, treat yourself to a luxurious dry brush massage all over your body with outward strokes toward your heart for maximum relaxation!

Use for your BODY:

Body Brush

Use for your face:

Nanocurrent and microcurrent

3. Enjoy a Refreshing Mask in the Bath for Guilt-Free Relaxation

Taking one’s time while using masks is critical to achieving the desired results, making them a perfect addition to any bath routine. Start by coating your hair from midlengths through ends with a nourishing and glossy hair mask.

To provide yourself with an amazing spa-like experience, apply the 100% Pure face mask next; This luxurious product will quickly revitalize skin and make it look hydrated and renewed—as if you had just received an hour-long facial treatment!

4. Self Care Rituals

Use for your face:

Experience a true transformation with this vitamin C-rich, hydrating, radiance-enhancing serum that absorbs quickly into the skin. The results are instant and will continue to show for days to come!

Use for your BODY:

For the best results, massage body oil into your damp skin and breathe deeply to reap all the benefits of its botanicals. This stonecrop and arnica blend is truly divine – it will leave you smelling luxurious!

Seal in that hydration with a moisture-locking butter; made with creamy cocoa, shea, and avocado butter for an extra nourishing boost. Don’t forget those drier areas such as elbows, knees, and feet where moisturization is most required!

5. Rejuvenate and Reset Yourself

Although you’re probably being chased out of the shower by this point, don’t worry! Throw on a comfortable robe or wrap yourself in a cozy towel and spend some time lounging in bed, outside on your deck, or even nestled away in your hammock for twenty minutes.

Your body needs to recharge after all that pampering—give it the chance to soak up all those feel-good vibes and come back fully replenished!

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