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Clean Skincare Solutions for Men

Last summer, an all-boys trip to Montana yielded more than just joyful recollections—it also ignited a fervent passion for Ursa Major’s moisturizer. A participant who had borrowed some of his girlfriend’s product recounted: “It was way drier out there than we were anticipating. We had other lotions at hand but none compared to the effectiveness of Ursa Major; it became so popular that everybody kept stealing mine and by week’s end I was completely out.” He had to restock his supply—everyone else did, too. “My entire family enjoyed the Ursa Major’s products so much that once I got home, they all added it to their bathrooms!”

Through his own innovative touch, he has added the essential-oil-infused face wash (stolen from his girlfriend) to provide an effective yet non-drying solution for those with breakout-prone skin. As a bonus, it foams up nicely and leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed. Similarly, theis genius invention of individually packaged wipes utilizes the same amazing oils and extracts as the face wash! You won’t be surprised if we tell you that he’s planning on coming out with a shaving cream soon too – just wait for it!

Ursa Major is a true pleasure for everyone regardless of gender, much like Kiehl’s products. It exudes extraordinary greatness without specifically targeting the male or female population–however, be prepared to battle with anyone in your house if you decide to make it yours!

This all-mineral SPF 18 lotion is lightweight, ultra-hydrating and blends effortlessly with your skin. Unscented and chock full of nourishing vitamins, it moisturizes while protecting against the sun’s damaging rays. You won’t believe how quickly it sinks into your skin – leaving you feeling soft and smooth in seconds! Truly a must-have for any daily routine.

Utilizing the power of essential oils, this refreshing combination will soothe and hydrate your normal/combination/oily skin. The exquisite scent from a mix of cedar, spearmint, lime, lemon, rosemary, black spruce; owyhee, vetiver and lavender makes it simply the best-smelling foaming gel wash on earth! Not only does it restore your skin’s natural balance while leaving its protective mantle intact but also enhances absorption for any products you use afterwards. 

The company’s revolutionary 4-1 Face Tonic formula is incorporated into each bamboo-cloth face wipe—it serves as a pH balancer, a gentle exfoliant, an effective skincare healer, and a hydrating firming agent for all skin types. Each cloth releases subtle scents of orange, fir and lavender – ideal after your workout sessions; impressive when used to remove makeup; miracle working on acne prone skin!

Treat your skin to a nick-free shave with this high-potency botanical cream. It’s soap-free and won’t leave you feeling dried out post-shave – rather, it will nourish your skin while giving off an aromatic blend of cedar, spruce, ginger, vetiver and bergamot that is sure to invigorate you each morning. No need for a brush either! Indulge in the ultimate shaving experience every day—what could be better?

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