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Banish Plastic Microbeads for Good

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In less than two years, the US will prohibit the manufacture of beauty and skincare items with plastic microbeads. 

According to US legislation, microbeads are tiny plastic particles smaller than 5mm that have been purposely created for cleansing and exfoliating. However, these minuscule beads ultimately find their way into our aquatic systems where they can be mistaken as food by vulnerable species such as whales – leading to devastating effects on the environment.

While the European Union has yet to pass legislation banning microbeads, significant attempts are being made. Many large manufacturers in the US have expressed that they will not introduce changes to their formulas until 2017 at earliest, and other companies lag behind in making similar adjustments.

A year ago, various companies made the vital decision to eliminate plastic microbeads from their products. In America alone, approximately eight trillion of these beads enter our aquatic habitats every single day – a staggering figure that needs to be rectified with urgency. By ceasing the use of Polyethylene Beads in our everyday items, we can safeguard the environment around us and preserve its natural resources for years to come.

Here are our Picks to Wave Farewell

to Plastic Microbeads

100% Pure Cocoa Coffee Body Scrub

Exfoliate and nourish your skin with this energizing cacao and coffee body scrub that leaves you feeling smoother, refreshed, and radiant. The highest quality organic fair trade Ecuadorian cacao contains powerful tannins, flavonoids, antioxidants to support healthy-looking glowing skin. Natural caffeine from coffee beans & cacao helps reduce redness to diminish the effects of UV exposure while promoting a youthful complexion.

Pai Skincare Virtuous Circle Kukui and Jojoba Bead Eco-Bead Exfoliator 

Crafted for sensitive skin types, the Pai Skincare Virtuous Circle Eco-Bead Exfoliator offers a non-abrasive buffing formula that delicately exfoliates away dead cells and other impurities without causing damage. Packed with Jojoba Beads and enriched with Kukui Oil to protect against moisture loss, this gentle yet powerful scrub works to restore your complexion’s natural barrier while revealing a brighter and smoother surface – all without harming our oceans.

Peter Thomas Roth Potent- C Power Scrub

Peter Thomas Roth’s Potent-C Power Scrub is an invigorating facial exfoliant sure to make your skin feel brighter, smoother and more radiant. It combines vitamin C ascorbate with a unique blend of beads and spheres that gently remove surface impurities. Vitamin E and ferulic acid provide a powerful boost so you can enjoy soft, glowing skin.

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