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BB Cream vs CC Cream, Which One is Best for My Skin?

They're both multi-tasking products, but there are some subtle differences between the two.

BB Cream vs CC CreamFrom your standard powder foundation to tinted moisturizers, there are so many different types of face coverage makeup popping up on the market today. It’s arguably the most important step of our makeup routine too, so we don’t want to take any chances in using the wrong formula for our skin. What exactly is the difference between BB cream and CC cream, and which one will work the best for you? We’re here to double down on their similarities and differences, and highlight the best natural formulas that are truly healthy for your precious skin.

BB CreamWhat’s a BB cream?

We covered this in our previous guide to the best BB creams, but here’s a refresher. BB cream actually stands for “beauty balm” or “blemish balm.” Its initial purpose was to protect people’s skin after surgery. Later on, Korean cosmetic companies developed them further into a makeup product for daily wear. The reason why BB creams are so popular is because of how multifunctional they are.

What BB creams do:
  1. Conceal small blemishes
  2. Offer UV protection
  3. Moisturize skin
  4. Prime skin for makeup
  5. Serve as a foundation
Signs that a BB cream is your perfect match:
  • You want to cut down on your face coverage makeup routine. A BB cream is a foundation, primer, and concealer all in one!
  • You have sensitive skin. The less products you put on your skin, the better.
  • You prefer getting your sun protection from your face coverage makeup, rather than a sunscreen.
  • You prefer a natural makeup look, which means a smooth, flawless-looking complexion is key!

CC CreamWhat’s a CC cream?

Your next question will probably be: “what does CC cream stand for?” CC cream stands for “color correcting” or “complexion correcting” cream. It’ll usually accomplish everything that a BB cream does. But as you might have thought, a CC cream will provide even more fine-tuning to create the appearance of an even skin tone.

What CC creams do:
  1. Conceal dark spots and hyperpigmentation
  2. Correct redness in skin
  3. Offer UV protection
  4. Moisturize skin
  5. Prime skin for makeup
  6. Serve as a natural foundation
Why a CC cream might be right for you:
  • You want to cut down on your face coverage makeup routine. A CC cream is a foundation, primer, and concealer, and color-corrector all in one!
  • You have dry or mature skin, and need face coverage makeup that’s lightweight and easier to blend over fine lines.
  • You have an uneven skin tone, and want to color-correct your skin without using countless products.
  • You prefer getting your SPF protection from your makeup, rather than a sunscreen.

BB Cream vs CC CreamBB cream vs CC cream, which one is right for me?

Both BB and CC creams are categories of makeup that can double as skin care. But they usually offer more coverage than tinted moisturizers, and accomplish more than just moisturizing skin. They’re particularly beneficial for dry and mature skin types, but be sure to double check what’s recommended for each product, as formulas can vary.

A BB cream is perfect for anyone who is looking for an all-in-one makeup product that will provide coverage for a variety of blemishes. But if you specifically need a formula that will help to even out your skin tone and color-correct your complexion, definitely go for a CC cream.

Since it’s often lighter in consistency, a CC cream might work better for oily skin too! It’s ability to color-correct redness is an additional perk for acne-prone skin. The formulas of some CC creams might even be lighter than foundation, so don’t be afraid to double up on face coverage.

The best BB and CC creams

100% Pure BB CreamBB Cream from 100% Pure
Cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free
If you have normal to dry skin and are looking to give your complexion that extra dewy glow, this BB cream won’t disappoint. It contains antioxidant-rich raspberry and bilberry seed oil to nourish and soften skin. It offers full coverage, while still being lightweight enough for comfortable daily wear.

Alight Multi-Mineral BB CreamAlight Multi-Mineral BB CreamAlight Multi-Mineral BB Cream from Pacifica Beauty
Cruelty-free, vegan
This ultra lightweight formula provides sheer to light coverage, making it suitable for all skin types. When applied and blended into skin, it blurs the appearance of enlarged pores and fine lines for a smoother complexion. Anti-aging ingredients iris and rose extract help to tone and soften skin.

Certified Organic BB CreamCertified Organic BB Cream from Inika Organic
OFC certified organic, cruelty-free, vegan
This organic formula is enriched with a range of holy grail ingredients such as prickly pear and jojoba oil that moisture skin without clogging pores. It’s suitable for all skin types, as well as for sensitive skin. This BB cream comes in a slightly wider range of shades too!

Stem Cellular CC CreamStem Cellular CC CreamStem Cellular CC Cream from Juice Beauty
This CC cream boasts to be a 12-in-1 product that offers the ability to perfect the appearance of skin and also protect it for the long run. It provides even, natural coverage for smoothing over uneven skin texture and tone, and is rated SPF 30 for sun protection too. It’s the perfect skin savior for more mature skin.

CC Cream from Sappho New Paradigm
Cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free
With anti-inflammatory ingredients aloe juice and jojoba seed oil, this CC cream works to counteract redness in skin, as well as helping to smooth the appearance of fine lines. We love that this formula is free of skin-drying alcohols and silicones, and instead relies on organic ingredients to perfect the appearance of skin.


When applying BB cream or CC cream, always remember to cleanse your skin first, then blend the formula out evenly over skin for the best results. Just be sure to select a high quality product with natural ingredients. That way, either can lend a helping hand to beautify your complexion and help protect it for the years to come.

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