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Beach House Decor

6 Tips For Beach House Decor

A breezy, beachy spirit is one of the easiest ways to refresh your home, no matter where you live. The look has evolved over time, but it always maintains a relaxed and easy feeling (one of our favorite examples is the Surf rider Hotel in Malibu).

The ‘sand-in-your-toes feeling’ is really just a sense of freedom. Invest a little time in refreshing your home with beach-inspired details, and you’ll be able to enjoy the feeling of being by the water even when you’re at home. Here are some tips to help you achieve that!

#1 Play With Texture And Neutral Colors

The perfect summery interior should consist of a neutral palette and plenty of texture. Too much fussiness can weigh down Summer interiors. Adding neutrals allows the eye to explore different parts of the room more easily. She recommends introducing jute, linen, or wood materials to create an Instant beach ambiance in any home. 

#2 Linen

According to many interior designers, linen filters light as few other fabrics can. It also creates beautiful drapes and crinkles, which gives off that natural just-got-off-the-beach look. You could reupholster a sofa in white linen or start with something smaller like linen sheets. Cotton works well too–think natural fibers.

#3 Go With White

White paint is an easy way to make any room feel airier and more spacious. If you have dark floors, sanding, staining, or painting them white are all great options. Similarly, using white accents is a quick way to refresh any room. 

#4 Wood And Glass

Pairing weathered materials such as driftwood and oak with cleaner, more streamlined accents like glass, unlacquered brass, and plaster. By doing so, the overall look will appear fresh and new.

#5 Natural Textured Fibers Mix

Breezy fabrics such as cotton and linen always give off a refreshing vibe when mixed with rattan and jute. Natural-fiber rugs have the same effect.

#6 Bring Everything Outdoors

Bring the whites, woods, and textured fabrics outside onto the patio, backyard, or deck where you can according to some interior designers. Performance fabrics are beautiful and practical now, so don’t let them intimidate you. 

Instead of traditional wicker furniture with white upholstery, opt for something modern and take on the classic style. You could even add LED solar twinkle lights around trees for extra ambiance. And don’t forget music to create an unforgettable summer evening atmosphere.

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