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Beauty & Bliss: Prepping for the Big Day 

A Bridal Makeup Trial

As the day of my nuptials nears, I’m astonished at how smoothly all the smaller parts are coming together. We have encountered a few surprises, but on the whole I am immensely appreciative for everyone’s assistance in making our special occasion so unique and perfect. 

To ensure that my engagement photos were perfect, I wanted a makeup look that was soft yet romantic and fun. At the same time, it was essential to me that I still felt like myself on such an important day – not someone completely unrecognizable! Although looking at gorgeous brides with dramatic smoky eyes or bold red lips inspired me to take a risk and go for full-on glamour, in the end I opted for something more classic which complemented my natural beauty.

This is what I did to achieve this look – by a top makeup artist:

Step 1) After using a Tea Tree Balancing Moisturizer and SPF 50 Sheer Sunscreen, complete your look by applying Fruit Pigmented Fruit Foundation in with the help of a flat brush for even coverage.

Step 2) Now, outline your brows with a Brow Powder brown and brow liner to form a frame around your face that sets off the entire look. This step should be taken next for maximum impact.

Step 3) Create a soft smoky eye with two of her favorite Eye Shadow palette. Use the a brush to apply the colors onto your crease for an amazing look!

Step 4) Subsequently, she employed the Eye Blender Brush to brush on a layer of orchid eye shadow onto my lower eyelid and inner corner.

Step 5) To reawaken my peepers, I applied Liquid Ink Eyeliner for an alluring touch and included a slight wing to ooze playfulness – not to mention this is probably my favorite bit of the entire look!

Step 6) Subsequently, she coated my upper and lower lashes in a layer of Limitless Mascara – an absolute necessity for teary-eyed brides!

Step 7) My cheeks were given a flush of life with the sweet application of Blush, seamlessly blended in through the use of the exquisite Blush Brush.

Step 8) For an extra radiant touch, she applied Shimmer to the upper cheek bones and inner corners of my eyes.

Step 9) Finally, she polished off the look with an application of my favorite Fruit Pigmented Gloss.

Every time I view myself in my bridal makeup, the reality of my special day is that much more tangible! I’m simply ecstatic to witness how all of the details – from my dress and veil to hair and makeup – blend together so wonderfully. 


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