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Create a Captivating Smoky Eye Look this Fall with This Step-by-Step Guide!

This fall makeup look is sure to turn heads! Crafting the perfect matte black smokey eye takes patience and precision. To start, fill in your brows with short strokes that mimic natural hair for an arched shape tailored to your face’s features – or take it a step further for something even more dramatic. Finally, expertly blend out the shadow until you’ve reached flawless perfection!

Whether you’re looking for a smoky slate gray or the timeless classic black, Cream Stay Shadow Sticks will make creating your desired look effortless. Working quickly after application to ensure that the cream sets before blending is key; and remember – one eye at a time!

To obtain a gorgeous look that is effortlessly blended, layer your eyeshadow. Begin with one light application before blending in the crease and intensifying the color on the lid over successive layers. Once dried, these shadow sticks will stay put for hours without bulging or smudging!

To make your makeup pop even more, smudge the black shade along your lower lash line and thicken up your bottom lashes with a volumizing mascara. Leave the rest of your eyes fresh and natural to create an interesting contrast.

Achieve the Desired Style

To enhance your natural beauty, opt for the Fruit Pigmented® Berry Naked Palette in medium and top off with a layer of Fruit Pigmented® 2nd Skin Concealer to neutralize any imperfections or sunburst to conceal dark circles. Define and warm up your complexion with the Contour Kit in medium to dark shades. To draw attention towards your eyes, select Lipstick in nude beige accompanied by spark, a peachy pink tone finished off with Gloss in pueblo for an enchanting result!

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