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The Benefits Of Essential Oils

Why Use Diffusers And Essential Oils?

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Until recently, we only associated essential oils with their pleasant scent. After exploring the scientific literature on this topic further, however, our perspective shifted drastically.

Lavender is currently the most researched oil; still, researchers are uncovering more about orange and grapefruit’s therapeutic properties as well. Whereas previously these fragrant extracts were solely valued for their delightful aroma–they now also possess health-promoting benefits!

Are you the type to respond more positively toward lavender oil or citrus oils? Lavender is a relaxing and calming scent, especially when feeling stressed out.

Grapefruit oil has an invigorating property that can help with fatigue or cramps. Citrus aromatherapy tends to have slower blood pressure levels, and Bergamot orange stands out, conveying both tranquility and peacefulness simultaneously!

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The potency of pure essential oils necessitates that they are diluted prior to use. This is where the diffuser comes in; it employs ultrasonic vibration, not heat, to generate a fragile, yet refreshing mist from water merged with a few drops of essential oil. 

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Looking for an easy way to use essential oils without a diffuser? Diluting the oil with olive or other good quality oil and then applying it to your hands is one solution. You can also massage this mixture onto areas of your body that need some extra tender loving care. Inhaling deeply after application helps you get even more benefits from the oils!

As we explore further into the realm of essential oils, let’s discuss how these aromas can be combined aromas – like ho wood, frankincense, eucalyptus, and lavender! It is genuinely indescribable just how captivating this delicate combination smells when blended together, creating an incredibly comforting scent. 

Rejuvenate your senses with the soothing and calming powers of Aroma Therapy. Unwind as natural essential oils help to ease stress, relax tension in muscles, improve moods and create a more peaceful environment. With just a few drops of oil, you can easily experience all the therapeutic benefits this ancient practice has to offer!

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