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Best Color Correctors for Dark Circles

Yellow or peach-toned concealers are most effective for dark circles.

Best color correctors for dark circlesConcealing your dark circles below your eyes tend to need a little extra work than other blemishes. They’re usually pigmented with bluish or purple hues, have thinner skin, and may contain creases and crow’s feet. That’s why you might need a color corrector that’s specially designed for your dark circles. Opposite colors on the color wheel tend to neutralize each other in appearance, which is why peach or yellow-toned concealers can be more effective. Here are the best color correctors for your under eyes, as well as a couple of concealers to help you brighten up your look and help you look more awake than you actually are.

Best color correctors for dark circles

2nd Skin Corrector from 100% Pure2nd Skin Corrector from 100% Pure
Dark eye circles typically have purple undertones, and this color correcting concealer in yellow is designed to correct these purplish hues for a brighter under eye area. It’s actually with turmeric for truly natural pigmentation! Olive squalane hydrates skin for a skin-like finish. Have a deeper or medium skin tone? Try peach shade instead to brighten your dark circles.

Transcendent Concentrated Concealer from PacificaTranscendent Concentrated Concealer from PacificaTranscendent Concentrated Concealer from Pacifica
This liquid concealer offers convenient application and dramatic brightening for serious dark circles and other blemishes like dark spots. It has a slightly creamier consistency that works great for higher coverage. That’s thanks to jojoba and carnauba wax that also keep your eye area moisturized. Get creaseless coverage with just a little bit of this formula.

True Skin Serum Concealer from Ilia
This liquid concealer is creamy but has a more serum-like consistency to it that blends seamlessly into skin with a silky finish. It contains mastic, which is a tree resin that works to mattify and perfect the appearance of your skin during wear. 

Illusionist Concealer StickIllusionist Concealer from Vapour Organic Beauty
A stick concealer that’s easy to brush onto the under eye area. It contains non-comedogenic jojoba oil, sunflower oil, and shea butter for a softer and smoother eye area. Bamboo silica helps to absorb excess oil and protects skin with a silky finish. 

Color Theory Creme Corrector from Au Naturale
This series of color correctors has really got their complementary color theory nailed down. Either flax or peach (if you have a dark skin tone) will help you conceal dark circles, as well as brighten dark spots. Keep your delicate eye area moisturized with castor seed oil and jojoba oil.

Duet Perfect Concealer from Hynt BeautyDuet Perfect Concealer from Hynt Beauty
Your new go-to for spot treating blemishes! This formula never feels drying on skin and eliminates cakiness, thanks to cupuacu seed butter and aloe, so it’s perfect for beginners. It multi-tasks as a foundation, tinted moisturizer, and contourer too.

How to use a color corrector for dark circles

  • Always apply onto clean skin.
  • Moisturize your skin first, or apply an eye cream for smooth application.
  • Be sure to apply your color corrector before your foundation for the best blended and seamless appearance.
  • Blend with clean fingers or a brush.
  • Less is more! Apply in layers to avoid cakiness or creasing.
  • Stay hydrated and get enough sleep, so you can naturally brighten the appearance of your eyes!

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