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Best Mattifying Powders to Fight Excess Oil and Save Your Look!

Our favorite oil-busting formulas to give your look the ultimate staying power.

Mattifying Powder

We love our vampy eyeliners and lipsticks. But there’s often a more unseen hero that’s holding your whole makeup look together. We’re talking about mattifying powder. Whether you’re using a translucent or tinted one, this beauty staple keeps your makeup looking flawless from day to night.

How to choose the best mattifying powder

Have oily skin? You’ll know the struggle of having sweat and grease ruining your look after only a few quick hours. Excess grease can cause an uneven appearance in your foundation, and even ruin the color payoff of your makeup.

You’ll want to select a mattifying powder that effectively provides oil control by absorbing grease, rather than just clogging up your pores (acne anyone?). That’s what keeps your complexion perf in the long run! Look for non-comedogenic formulas and skip irritating synthetic ingredients. Even better: natural ingredients that help fight acne as you wear them!

Finally, the best mattifying powder should be easily blended into your skin or foundation. We’re talking about clump-free application for a flawless blurred complexion. Without further ado, here are our favorite formulas to help you save your look (must-haves for your purse!).

Best Mattifying PowderBest mattifying powders for a lasting, flawless look

Bio Brightener Invisible PowderBio Brightener Invisible PowderBio Brightener Invisible Powder from W3ll People
This setting powder provides impressive results for just 5 ingredients (hello sensitive skin!). Mica and silica absorb excess oil, while softening the appearance of fine lines and blemishes. But matte doesn’t have to mean a boring dull canvas. The secret ingredient in this formula is pearl powder that still gives skin a natural, soft radiance.

Flawless Matte Finishing Powder from Lily Lolo
This finishing powder keeps things professional by supporting your look for hours of wear. It sets makeup and gives it hours of staying power, while airbrushing your skin for a healthy look. Simply apply either before or after your foundation to keep shine at bay and stay slaying for the whole day.

Bamboo Blur PowderBamboo Blur Powder from 100% Pure
This skin-perfecting powder contains only the most premium ingredients for your delicate skin. It features silky bamboo silica for just as silky skin. It absorbs oil while supporting your skin’s collagen formation for firmer skin. Comes in four shades pigmented with vitamin-rich fruits.

Tinted “Un” PowderTinted “Un” PowderTinted “Un” Powder from RMS Beauty
Sometimes less means more, and that’s exactly what inspired RMS Beauty to create this setting powder. Worried about your foundation creating those unwanted crease lines at the end of the day? Just apply this powder lightly over your foundation for flawless “second skin” look. This fine powder is still lightweight and comfortable to wear over your usual makeup, or even just on top of your skin au naturel.

Classic Translucent Talc-Free Loose Setting Powder from Lawless
Lawless knows there’s no worse way to ruin a day than having your makeup flake off. So they whipped up this setting powder with the sole purpose of perfecting and preserving your look for the whole day. Lightweight poreless finish? Check. No cakiness? Check! Sweep across your face to set your base makeup, or even use it for a bake!

Neutralizing MattifierNeutralizing MattifierNeutralizing Mattifier from Pacifica
Stop that makeup from melting off your face in the summer heat with this convenient skin mattifier. Lotus powder extract and mica work together to create the perfect, natural polished look. The formula boasts coconut water to keep your skin hydrated in the heat, as well as vitamin E for sun damage repair. Talk about fancy results for a very affordable formula. Say hello to shine-free results and soft, velvety skin!

Mineral Mattifying Powder from Inika
Looking for a multitasker? Apply this translucent powder directly onto clean skin to airbrush enlarged pores, redness, and fine lines. Or apply it on top of your foundation to set your makeup. You can even use it as an eye primer to really make your eyeshadow pop. You can rely on this super lightweight oil-absorbing rice powder to get the job done.

Extra tips and tricks to using a mattifying powder

  • Wear on top of clean bare skin to even out your skin tone.
  • Apply before foundation for long-lasting oil control.
  • Use a large fluffy brush to apply on top of foundation and set your makeup.
  • Apply on top of concealer to “bake” your makeup for that picture-perfect finish.
  • Dust on top of your eyelashes for a fluffy, voluminous look and to set your mascara (but avoid direct eye contact!)
  • Use as a last minute dry shampoo if you’re out camping or at a music fest!

With any mattifying powder, it’s best to figure the formula and application technique that works best for you. Just remember to not overdo it first, as all of the hardworking formulas above go a long way in perfecting your look! Do you have a favorite that you swear by?

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