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5 Best Natural Deodorants for Men that are Hassle-Free

Because having one that's simple and actually works is something to be proud about.

Best Natural Deodorant for MenWhen it comes to switching to healthier grooming products, natural deodorant is probably one of your highest priorities. You depend on them regularly to combat that stench, but you also don’t want them to irritate or clog up your skin. Thankfully there’s no tradeoff. We’ve found the 5 best natural deodorants for men so you can get back on track to a cleaner lifestyle and a stronger you.

Best natural deodorants for men

These natural deodorants are all cruelty-free. They’re also free of aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens, synthetic fragrances, triclosan, and other harmful chemical ingredients. They actually work, are hassle-free, and have been positively reviewed by other men. We’ve also made sure that the scents are guy-friendly too (some of these options could even rival your cologne!).Ursa Major Hoppin' Fresh DeodorantHoppin’ Fresh Deodorant from Ursa Major
Cruelty-free, gluten-free, aluminum-free
In 2015, Ursa Major set out to change the natural deodorant game with a Kickstarter campaign. The result? A deodorant that actually does its job, all running on the power of only natural ingredients. This deodorant comes in a handy stick form with a refreshing scent of mint and eucalyptus. When applied to the underarm, it eliminates odor and also absorbs excess moisture to prevent bacteria from thriving. That’s what allows this deodorant to work all day long.

The formula starts with a base of aloe vera that’s soothing for sensitive skin on the underarm. Rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils fight odor-causing bacteria. Additional ingredients like hops and aluminum-free baking soda neutralize odors, while kaolin clay absorbs moisture for lasting protection.

The deodorant stick has a smooth cooling feeling when applied to skin. It doesn’t dry out skin or stain clothing. It’s great to use for the summertime when you’re out in the heat, or pumping through a intense workout.

All Good Unscented Deodorant

All Good Unscented DeodorantDeodorant – Unscented from All Good
Cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan
Whether we have a sensitive nose or just want to be less obvious about how much product we use, some of us prefer an unscented deodorant. But with conventional deodorants, we usually need to tread carefully with the word “unscented.” They often use synthetic chemicals to mask the scent of the product—not quite the experience we’re looking for in natural products. Thankfully All Good offers an unscented version of their high-performing stick deodorant. 

How does this deodorant neutralize odors without scented essential oils? By using saccharomyces ferment. It’s a type of yeast that breaks down odor-causing compounds. It’s often used to make beer and bread, so of course it’s safe to use on your skin. Arrowroot powder absorbs moisture from damp underarms to prevent bacterial buildup.

The stick is oval-shaped for more surface area and easier application. It glides on smoothly and is actually unscented as advertised. Use this handy deodorant for when you want to mask body odor undercover, like at your next interview or first date.

Primal Pit Paste Royal & Rogue Natural Deodorant Royal & Rogue Natural Deodorant Jar from Primal Pit Paste
Cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free
There’s nothing to be ashamed about with your powerful pits. Primal Pit Paste proves that with fun, family-friendly deodorants that pamper your underarm with soothing natural ingredients.  Their deodorants all come in three different strengths depending on the level of odor control you need. They also offer travel sample sizes to help you test scents, or simply if you prefer some variety in your life.

Shea butter in a deodorant? You got that right. The shea butter base is what makes this deodorant feel extra smooth on your sensitive underarm skin. Organic coconut oil moisturizes and protects your pits, and the use of soothing candelilla wax makes this deodorant completely vegan. Check out the purifying blend of essential oils that give this deodorant its signature scent.

The Royal & Rogue scent is warm and earthy, perfect for men who enjoy a feeling of royalty. You only need to apply a pea-sized amount to each armpit for lasting odor control.Schmidt's Beramot + Lime Deodorant JarBergamot + Lime Deodorant Jar from Schmidt’s
Cruelty-free, vegan
Schmidt’s deodorants are wonderfully accessible from many retail stores, and for good reason. Their formulas average at 7 ingredients per jar, and their distinct scents have been compared to those of premium colognes. Schmidt’s also offers stick deodorants, but their cream deodorants that come in jars are their signature products. They continue to stay true to the founder’s original small batch homemade products. Sometimes simple really is better!

Sweat not only feels itchy on skin, it can actually end up causing irritation if it can’t evaporate from your skin! Vitamin E helps to protect and soothe heat rashes and other post-workout skin woes. The bergamot essential oil isn’t just a powerful antiseptic that fights odor-causing bacteria. Its luxe citrus scent features prominently in colognes.

This deodorant is easy to apply as it includes a small spatula to scoop product from the jar. It goes on smoothly and is long-lasting, without leaving skin feeling greasy or sticky.

Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda Free DeodorantGrapefruit Baking Soda Free Deodorant Cream from Meow Meow Tweet
Aluminum-free baking soda is great for its ability to keep odor away without clogging pores. But the truth is, even food-grade ingredients can cause a reaction with sensitive skin. If you get a bit too enthusiastic about applying baking soda, it can irritate your skin. For those of you who want a baking soda free deodorant that still does its job, Meow Meow Tweet has your bases covered. I mean, who can resist the illustration of the snake shooting some hoops on the packaging?

This deodorant cream uses organic arrowroot powder and dietary magnesium to absorb moisture. Coconut oil is naturally antimicrobial, while jojoba seed oil is a light moisturizer that won’t clog pores. We love that the citrus oils impart a refreshing scent while also fighting odor-causing bacteria!

This deodorant has answered our dreams for a natural deodorant that won’t irritate sensitive skin. The grapefruit scent is our pick of choice for men who love a citrusy pick-me-up when out being active.

Benefits of a natural deodorant for men

If you’re looking to start using or switch to a natural deodorant, the safety of the ingredients is probably your top priority. But you’re not going to settle for just a mediocre formula that can’t stand up to the stench. Luckily the demand for natural deodorants has skyrocketed, and it’s a competitive market where companies have been pushing out their best.

Your arms may be tough, but the skin under them? Not so much. It’s hard to notice (except when you’re being tickled), but your armpit skin is actually very sensitive. Your underarms are full of nerves and don’t get much sun exposure. The skin on them is thinner and more delicate than what’s on the rest of your body. Using a safe and trusted natural deodorant will keep you clear of the following irritating ingredients:

Aluminum compounds

Aluminum-based ingredients are commonly found in deodorants and antiperspirants to reduce sweat. They work by actually plugging your sweat glands. This can easily lead to irritation, especially with the amount of bacteria and dirt on your sweaty skin. Using large amounts of them can also possibly harm your organs. While the evidence is still inconclusive, there’s still reason to avoid aluminium.

What to look for instead: baking soda, arrowroot powder, magnesium hydroxide

Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol enhances the absorption of deodorant ingredients into your skin. This can create a problem when combined with other less ideal ingredients, and cause irritation. It can also lead to kidney and liver damage, which is a serious risk that you probably want to avoid.

What to look for instead: jojoba oil, coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa seed butter


Parabens are everywhere, from food to even the grooming products we use. They’re synthetic preservatives, but it’s no good that they can penetrate human skin and mimic estrogen.

What to look for instead: plant oils and essential oils are actually antimicrobial, so they help to naturally preserve your product while nourishing your skin too!

Synthetic fragrances

We want to smell good after using our trusty deodorant, but not at the cost of our health. The FDA allows companies to label any synthetic fragrance mixture as simply “fragrance” without having to list each individual ingredient. That’s not very trustworthy, and who knows what could be hiding under that label.

What to look for instead: plant butters and essential oils


Triclosan is an antibacterial chemical that’s been stirring up trouble for the past few years. It’s linked to endocrine disruption and increased antibiotic resistance, so it’s slowly being phased out of a bunch of grooming products.

What to look for instead: essential oils, saccharomyces ferment, plants oils

There are more ingredients to look out for, but we’ve been able to narrow down our list of best natural deodorants for men to the top 5 that are tried-and-true by other health-conscious men. Take care of yourself, choose what’s simple and works, and reach your highest potential in life (all while smelling fresh!).

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