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Best Pink Makeup Products to Prettify Your Look All Year Round

Featuring dreamy nude shades to playful baby pinks to channel your inner Barbie doll.

Pink MakeupWhat does pink remind you of? Whether it’s peaches or the familiar millennial pink, there’s a shade of pink out there for everybody. Pink may be bold, but it’s a color of empowerment that we think should be rocked any time of the year. Pastel pinks may be cute for the spring, but a shimmery hot pink can also work wonders for the winter holiday season. Here are our top pink makeup products to help you create the ultimate crush-worthy look, and show off your love for pink loud and proud.

Best pink makeup products

Skinny Dip Eyeshadow PaletteSkinny Dip Eyeshadow PaletteSkinny Dip Eyeshadow Palette from Honeybee Gardens
Cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free
New to wearing pink on your face? You might like to start out with pinky nude shades instead. This gorgeous palette contains four shades that are universally flattering for any skin tone. It ranges from very pale pink to plum, with matte finishes that are suitable for an everyday natural look, or a more sultry nighttime smolder. Another bonus is that this palette is recyclable and refillable too!

Pink Nudes Mineral EyeshadowsPink Nudes Mineral EyeshadowsPink Nudes Mineral Eyeshadows from Pacifica
Cruelty-free, vegan
Can’t get enough of nudes? This palette combines the best of pink nudes and browns for super wearable colors. So if you can’t decide whether to wear a naked makeup look or brown smokey eyes, you’ll want this palette in your purse. Or why not both for your own signature look, since the shades are all super blendable too. You’ll love that all the shades are infused with coconut extract.

Garden Rose Swift ShadowGarden Rose Swift ShadowGarden Rose Swift Shadow from RMS Beauty
Cruelty-free, gluten-free
Looking for some nighttime sparkle? Pink can be sexy too! This beautiful eyeshadow comes in a medium, rosy pink color that’s eye-catching with a hint of romance. Wear a light layer of it for a chic date night look, or build with a wet brush for a bold metallic vibe. The base is made out of buriti fruit oil and organic jojoba oil, so it applies and blends silky smooth onto eyelids and all skin types.

Angelic Eye ShadowAngelic Eye ShadowAngelic Eye Shadow from Kjaer Weis
Cruelty-free, gluten-free
This eyeshadow comes in a light rosy pink, and can totally double as a luminizer with its ultra blendable shimmer. Apply it lightly on the inner corner of your eyes to brighten them and immediately look more awake. Or layer it on for a dreamy fairy-like look that’s fit for any festival-goer looking to glow all night long. Bamboo powder replaces synthetic silicones for a soft, silky texture that’s comfortable to wear.

Grapefruit Anywhere Creme MultistickGrapefruit Anywhere Creme MultistickGrapefruit Anywhere Creme Multistick from Au Naturale
Cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free
We love how pink can lend a little life to a drab complexion. This multitasker comes in a medium coral pink, and can be used anywhere on your face that needs a little more warmth and glow. Apply directly from the stick onto cheeks for a natural flush, or blend with fingers onto eyelids or cheeks. The base of plant oils and shea butter make this multistick extra handy to apply and nourishing to wear.

Charisma Aura Multi Use RadiantCharisma Aura Multi Use RadiantCharisma Aura Multi Use Radiant from Vapor Organic Beauty
This shade of fuchsia is the perfect pop of color for a summery beach-going look, or for anyone who wants to channel their inner Barbie doll. It’s subtle enough to use as a luminizer with your fingertips, or apply straight to cheeks and lips for more intense color. It’s easy to get a complete look in just seconds with this multi-tasking blush. The formula is infused with skin-calming herbs for irritation-free wear.

Apricot Powder BlushApricot Powder BlushApricot Powder Blush from Gabriel
Cruelty-free, vegan
Shying away from using blush? It may not be as popular as your usual contouring and highlighting kits, but it’s a must-have for any no-makeup makeup look. This peachy blush glides onto cheeks for a healthy glow. Thanks to jojoba oil, it blends easily so you don’t have to worry about accidentally making yourself look like a clown. Instead, enjoy adding a natural warm flush to your face to liven up your beautiful natural features.

Sangria Flowercolor LipstickSangria Flowercolor LipstickSangria Flowercolor Lipstick from Ecco Bella
Cruelty-free, gluten-free
Not quite a fan of lipstick for its unpleasant texture? This lipstick feels just like a lip balm, and is moisturizing like one too, thanks to the nourishing castor and chamomile oil that help soothe and heal chapped lips. These healthy ingredients make this lipstick easier to apply too, and less prone to feathering. This lip color is a cool vibrant pink that’s perfect for a fun, attention-drawing look.

Truth or Dare LipstickTruth or Dare LipstickTruth or Dare Lipstick from Zuzu Luxe
Is it really possible to achieve a vibrant finish of lip color with a natural lipstick? It’s true, this ultra hydrating lipstick gives lips a brilliant baby pink color while feeling luxurious on lips. It’s a real winner if you’re sick and tired of lipstick drying out your pucker all the time. And if you’re looking for that classic Barbie doll lip color, this is the one.

Rum Nougat Lip CaramelRum Nougat Lip Caramel from 100% Pure
Cruelty-free, vegan gluten-free
It’s time to fall in love with this dreamy liquid lipstick that’s made with only natural, plant-based ingredients that aren’t toxic to accidentally lick. Its dusty rose nude color is pigmented with fruits and achiote seeds, and achieves its lustrous gloss from anti-aging pomegranate seed oil and cocoa butter. We imagine that this lippie would be perfect for attending your next summer wedding. The applicator applies pigment smoothly and precisely over lips.

Sesame Lip LinerSesame Lip LinerSesame Lip Liner from Ere Perez
Need a lip liner to go with your fave nude lipstick? It can be easy for a nude lipstick to get washed out with the rest of your makeup, so applying a lip liner beforehand helps you achieve a more contoured, precise look. Looking to mattify a lipstick shade? You can also fill in your lips with this lip liner to achieve the perfect matte finish.


From nude rosy tones to bright baby pinks, there are plenty of shades of pink makeup for every style and occasion. It’s the perfect color to channel your confidence and natural beauty, and keep yourself feeling youthful and chic—because pink is truly the color for anyone!

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