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Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Damaged Hair and Scalp

Gentle, cruelty-free formulas safe for color-treated and severely damaged hair.

Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Damaged HairWhen dealing with severely damaged hair like long split ends and excess breakage, we don’t want to take any chances of even more damage. So how are we still supposed to wash our hair without damaging it? We’ve narrowed down our list for the best gentle shampoos and conditioners that are tough on grease yet gentle on hair. These powerful cleansing and pampering duos are packed with natural nourishing ingredients to restore your hair’s resilience. They’re all sulfate-free, silicone-free,  cruelty-free formulas made specifically with your hair health as their top priority. Ready to get started on your repair routine?

Best shampoo and conditioners for damaged hair

Honey Virgin Coconut Restorative Conditioner 100% PureHoney & Virgin Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner from 100% Pure
Have a scalp that’s severely damaged from color or heat treatment? The base of this hair-washing duo is made up of rose water, aloe, and coconut oil that are all known for their anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Purify with gentle coconut foam, while strengthening your scalp with Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E. Safe for color-treated hair.

Damage Control Conditioner from Avalon OrganicsDamage Control Conditioner from Avalon OrganicsDamage Control Shampoo and Conditioner from Avalon Organics
Are your poor limp strands now extra sensitive to hair products? Not to worry. This shampoo and conditioner feature argan oil (famous for its ultra moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties) as their key ingredient, as well as strengthening quinoa protein that’s gentle on hair and scalp alike. These minimal ingredients lists are ideal for sensitive scalps.

Hydrating Cream Conditioner from InnersenseHydrating Cream Conditioner from InnersenseHydrating Cream Hairbath and Conditioner from Innersense
Pamper your locks with tamanu oil, abundant in essential fatty acids and nutrients to help strengthen your strands and protect them from further damage. Both shampoo and conditioner deeply condition your roots and hair ends with shea butter, while still leaving hair bouncy without residue.

Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner from Josh Rosebrook
Suffering from a dry, damaged scalp? This set of hair treatments is ideal for all hair textures and perfect for dry scalps. They boast a base of ultra nourishing oils such as camelina oil, olive oil, and hemp seed oil that soothe and moisturize your scalp, while restoring shine to dry, damaged hair. A blend of herbs helps further soothe and stimulate circulation for healthy hair growth.

Mega Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner from AcureMega Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner from AcureMega Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner from Acure
Acure’s formulas target curly hair that needs some extra love and moisture. Organic pumpkin seed and argan oil help to tangle hair, while deeply moisturizing without residue, only leaving behind more luster and shine. They also contain antioxidant-rich fruit extracts for an extra nourishing boost.

Smartcolor Color Protecting Shampoo & Conditioner Duo from Evolvh
Get color care the healthier way. This duo moisturizes dry, overtreated hair, while helping to maximize your hair’s color and vibrancy. Kiwi seed oil is a lightweight moisturizer, who castor oil and sunflower oil help smooth rough hair and cuticles. Leave the conditioner on for an extra few minutes to make your hair feel extra soft!

Baobab & Shea Hair Duo from Lather
You might be well familiar with shea butter’s anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. It’s combined with baobab seed oil and extract in these hair products for an extra rich treatment. Baobab boasts a high concentration of various fatty acids to moisturize skin while preventing additional moisture loss.

Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner Set from Maple Holistics
Get that satisfying cleanse and rinse away sweat, dirt, bacteria, and dead skin cells without further harming your delicate scalp! This conditioner duo harnesses the rich nutrients of argan oil, avocado oil, and jojoba oil to deeply strengthen yet soften hair, while dissolving and washing away gunk.

Repair Conditioner with Honey & Hibiscus from John MastersRepair Conditioner with Honey & Hibiscus from John MastersRepair Shampoo and Repair Conditioner with Honey & Hibiscus from John Masters
Oily scalps can be a sign of damage too! Excess oil production can result from over-processing your scalp and throwing your skin moisture barrier off its regular healthy balance. This intensive shampoo and conditioner help remove buildup while balancing scalp sebum levels and strengthening hair with hibiscus.

Extra do’s and don’ts for damaged hair

  • Avoid brushing your hair in the shower. Use your fingers first to try to tease apart tangles, or with a wide-toothed comb.
  • No need to wash your hair every single day. Use a dry shampoo in between washes.
  • Shampoo your roots and scalp, where most oil and gunk will be found. Massage the shampoo in gently with fingers.
  • Stick to using conditioner on the rest of your hair, as while as your ends where your hair is the driest.
  • Dry your hair with a microfiber tower. Pat water out of your hair, as opposed to rubbing the towel in.
  • Give your hair a break when it comes to blow-drying, heat styling, or dying! Air dry wet hair as much as possible. We promise it’ll make a difference.
  • Follow up with a hair mask or deep conditioner once a week. You can even use a hair serum to help style your hair while nourishing it at the same time.
  • Stress less! Elevated stress hormone levels can do a number on your hair health and growth.

Having damaged hair doesn’t mean you need to completely avoid washing it. With the right gentle shampoo and conditioner that cleanse without stripping your hair of its natural oils, you can still enjoy fresh locks and a soothed scalp.

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