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Best 9 Vegan Shampoos for Healthier Hair and Scalp

There’s no reason not to use a vegan shampoo on the daily.

Vegan ShampooTo be honest, vegan shampoos aren’t too difficult to find. But finding one that actually works is a bit more tough. Animal-derived ingredients such as honey and beeswax are often used in natural shampoos to help condition your hair. And you might finally find a vegan formula you like, only to realize that it’s packed with harsh synthetic chemicals that do more harm than good for your locks.

That’s why we’ve helped you out by researching different ethical brands, and singling out the ones with the most trustworthy, high-performing products. We’re talking about vegan, cruelty-free formulas with high quality natural ingredients that cleanse and nourish your hair, from roots to ends. We’ve made sure to find the best vegan shampoos that are perfect for a range of hair types and needs (even color-treated hair!).

Benefits of a vegan shampoo

While you might be familiar with animal testing in cosmetics and cruelty-free shampoos, vegan hair care products are more of a newer trend that we’re glad is hitting the mainstream. A vegan shampoo means that it’s free of animal-derived ingredients. By using one, you’re skipping all the harm that’s normally subjected to animals when creating the product. Oftentimes it means you’re choosing better, higher quality ingredients too. Manufacturers often resort to animal-based ingredients because of the lower cost, but plant-based ingredients contain more nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial for your hair.

Do note that a vegan shampoo doesn’t mean it’s entirely healthy for you, though. Don’t skip reading the ingredients label yet. Unless you’re taking product recs from us, because we’ve done that for you. Make sure that the brand is reputable, and actually knows what they’re talking about when they call something “vegan.”

Just remember that the label “vegan” doesn’t guarantee that a shampoo is cruelty-free. Likewise, even if you’ve made sure that a product hasn’t been tested on animals, that doesn’t automatically mean it’s vegan. We’ve made sure that all the shampoos below abide with both! Keep on reading for the best vegan shampoo brands and hair products to add to your bathroom cabinet.

Best vegan shampoos on the market

Awakening Peppermint Soapberry ShampooAwakening Peppermint Soapberry ShampooAwakening Peppermint Soapberry Shampoo from Tree to Tub
We weren’t kidding when we were lauding about the benefits of plant ingredients. Meet the humble soapberry that generates a soft lather that’s purifying yet gentle on hair. Peppermint leaves your mind feeling invigorated, while also helping to clear your clogged up follicles. This pH-balanced formula ensures that your scalp remains happy, without any extra greasiness or dryness. Plus, this formula is perfect to use for all hair types. Another win for plant power.

Burdock and Neem Healthy Scalp ShampooBurdock & Neem Healthy Scalp Shampoo from 100% Pure
“Healthy scalp means you’ll have healthier hair.” We totally live by this motto. It’s not just about applying silicone ingredients to your hair that may make it feel silky smooth. They don’t actually nourish your hair from the roots, and may actually dry out your hair over time. We’d much rather pick goodies like rose hydrosol and kelp extract that are ultra hydrating for your scalp, and promote smoother hair. This vegan shampoo is completely free from synthetic ingredients too. That means more natural, organic ingredients to go around for your full head of hair!

Organic ShampooOrganic ShampooOrganic Shampoo from Christina Moss Naturals
This shampoo contains just 10 ingredients, but has everything you need for an ample cleanse and refreshed hair. The base of coconut oil serves as the perfect cleanser, along with aloe vera and shea butter to leave your hair feeling soft after each wash. We highly recommend this shampoo for anyone who has a sensitive or damaged scalp! This vegan shampoo is actually safe for babies too.

Go Easy Daily ShampooGo Easy Daily ShampooGo Easy Daily Shampoo from Ursa Major
Choosing to use vegan products doesn’t have to be a chore, we promise! Go sulfate-free and vegan with this simple shampoo that will be your daily go-to. And natural doesn’t mean boring. Luxe ingredients like macadamia oil and bergamot oil ensure that your rinse feels luxurious, and that your hair is lightly conditioned too. Feel free to use this shampoo on its own without a conditioner, or layer up on a conditioner afterwards for damaged hair.

Damage Control Argan Oil ShampooDamage Control Argan Oil ShampooDamage Control Argan Oil Shampoo from Avalon Organics
Speaking of damage, here’s a botanical shampoo that your damaged hair will absolutely love and thank you for. We’re talking about ingredients like organic argan and jojoba oil that work to deeply nourish without clogging pores or leaving your hair greasy. Quinoa protein and calendula soothe while helping to strengthen your scalp. Use this shampoo to protect your hair from heat styling, or to help it recover from UV damage.

Mega Moisture ShampooMega Moisture ShampooMega Moisture Shampoo from Acure
Is your hair in need of extra repair and moisture too? This hydrating shampoo is perfect for dry, damaged hair, and even compatible with curly. That’s thanks to the moisturizing ingredients pumpkin seed and argan oil that work to restore natural shine to hair. You’ll definitely want to massage this from your scalp all the way to the ends of your hair. Pair it with a conditioner for the perfect satisfying cleanse.

Hydration ShampooHydration ShampooHydration Shampoo from Rahua
It’s a myth that shampooing wrecks your hair. Unless you’re using conventional shampoos, that is. Washing your hair with this shampoo actually helps to perk up your scalp. Amazonian oils deeply each individual strand of hair, and make the formula extra creamy and enjoyable to lather into your head. Morete oil is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids that promote healthy hair growth, while rahua protects hair from additional damage and dryness.

Chia ShampooChia ShampooChia Shampoo from Aubrey
We’re throwing around some more big names with this chia seed oil shampoo. Chia seed oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that deeply moisturize hair, making it the perfect ingredient for a plant-based shampoo. Not only that, this shampoo is also ideal for color-treated and natural hair. The formula is packed with antioxidant-rich black tea, green tea, and rooibos tea extract for an extra protective boost for any hair.

Rose Water Sleek Shiny ShampooRose Water Sleek Shiny ShampooRose Water Sleek Shiny Shampoo from Pacifica
Struggling to detangle your hair, or fighting frizzy hair? This formula provides your hair the slip it needs to stay in shape, while providing you a soothing bathing or showering experience. Heavenly rose flower oil works with a blend of plant proteins to lock in moisture, so make sure to massage it deeply in if you’ve been fighting a dry, flakey scalp. This shampoo is effective, yet still gentle enough for colored hair.

Feed Your Volume ShampooFeed Your Volume ShampooFeed Your Volume Shampoo from Yarok
If you’re still resisting the urge to shampoo regularly, don’t forget that not all shampoos are created alike. If you’re tired of flattened dull hair after each wash, you’ll want to make the switch to this vegan shampoo instead. Natural ingredients (hello, sea buckthorn oil!) foam up luxuriously while helping to thicken the appearance of fine hair. A little goes a long way with this extra concentrated formula.

TL;DR, you can get still amazing results with vegan shampoos. Whether you want to boost some volume, or you just want to focus on recovering your damaged ends, there’s the right shampoo formula out there for you. Making the switch to being a more ethical shopper has benefits for the environment and your health too. Plus, there’s still enough of a range of products to suit all hair types and budgets. There’s no reason not to use a vegan shampoo on the daily. Tell us which vegan shampoo you’re eyeing to try first!

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