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Best Velvet Lipsticks for Lustrous, Moisturized Lips

Want a more natural look? Have chapped lips? Rock that velvet lipstick!

Velvet LipstickLipsticks may seem like just another makeup category in the beauty aisle. But for us makeup addicts, the type of lipstick we decide to wear can make or break the look. That’s why we’re crushing on velvet lipsticks as the perfect versatile lip makeup for any occasion.

What’s a velvet lipstick?

There are two sides of the spectrum for choosing a lipstick. You can go for a shiny finish that’s as close to a lip gloss as it can get, or a full-on matte with no shine. There’s also another kind of lipstick that might not get as much airtime as its two sisters, but boasts a lot in function: velvet lipstick.

A good way to describe velvet lipstick is that it’s a semi-matte lipstick that still gives off the appearance of lustrous, moisturized lips. Looking for a more natural look? Pick up a velvet lipstick. Have chapped lips that won’t look so great as a matte pucker? Rock that velvet lipstick. You can also look for lipsticks that are marketed as having a satin or semi-matte finish, and it’ll be close to what you’re looking for: a versatile lippie for any occasion.

How to choose the best velvet lipstick

Like with all lipsticks, we want to be careful about the ingredients we’re putting on our lips. We’re all about fun color or sleek nude shades to boost our confidence. But we’re not so impressed when parabens, phthalates, and talc come as part of the package. The best velvet lipstick promises lasting, vibrant color that moisturizes your precious chops with premium natural ingredients that won’t throw your skin (and health!) off kilter.

But wait! Using something “natural” doesn’t mean you’re in the all-clear yet. Because there’s no regulated definition for “natural,” the responsibility is still on the consumer to vet the ingredients (kind of unfair, we know). With a makeup product that you’re applying intimately to your lips, you’ll want to select a cosmetic brand that has a strong ethical conscious, and has won trust for its high standards and effective formulations.

Not to worry. Even with these guidelines set, there are still plenty of eye candy worthy velvet lipsticks to win your heart.

The best velvet lipsticks

Pomegranate Oil Anti Aging LipstickPomegranate Oil Anti Aging Lipstick from 100% Pure
Cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free
What better place to start than with a fruit pigmented lipstick—the only one of its kind? Nope, it’s not just a lip tint. It’s the real deal, offering full coverage and high color payoff that’ll leave your peeps in disbelief that it’s colored with berries and other fruits. This velvet lipstick boasts pomegranate oil and shea butter to keep lips dreamy soft, while also imparting a beautiful satin finish. With a range of 16 different shades for every skin tone, this natural lipstick is sure to satisfy even the most experienced makeup addict.

Velvet LipstickVelvet Lipstick from Alima PureVelvet LipstickVelvet Lipstick from Alima Pure
Cruelty-free, gluten-free
This lipstick might feel like a lip balm, but make no mistake about it: it’s a high-performing lipstick that you can trust to do any job. It features the elusive sea buckthorn oil that’s rich in essential fatty acids that keep your lips protected and youthful-looking. Instead of using talc, this lipstick relies on silica instead for a perfect semi-matte finish without the toxicity. If you’re a lippie purist, though, you might want to look more into the synthetic “lake” dyes on the ingredients list for some of the shades.

Siren LipstickSiren LipstickSiren Lipstick from Vapour Beauty
We’re in love with Vapour Beauty’s sleek, ethereal aesthetic, and of course they’d put together the perfect velvet lipstick to charm our senses. We’re talking about a luscious and long-lasting finish that offers full coverage without suffocating your lips. Castor seed and jojoba oil condition lips, but they’re lightweight enough to never make your lips feel greasy. Here’s a lipstick you’ll want to wear again, and again, and again. Do note that some of these shades contain carmine in them.

Wild With Desire LipstickWild With Desire LipstickWild With Desire Lipstick from RMS Beauty
Effortless luxury is how we’d describe this versatile velvet lipstick. Castor seed oil and shea butter keep lips smooth and soft, so that the beautiful pigment goes on and stays on. It’s highly reviewed for its vogue shades and staying power, and is perfect for both daily wear and special occasions. If you want to up the ante, just pair it with a lip liner for a sleek, nighttime look that’ll make an impact. Once again, you’ll want to make note that this lipstick contains a few synthetic dyes that haven’t been approved by the FDA to use around the eye area.

Lipstick from Kjaer Weis
Cruelty-free, gluten-free
Want even more versatility out of your lipstick? This lipstick has a harder consistency, so you can more easily control the amount of pigment you want on your lips. Apply a light layer for a pretty stained look, or build it on for full opaque coverage. Just be sure to prep your lips with a lip balm first! This lipstick also boasts rosehip oil for its anti-aging benefits and lemon oil to keep lips soothed and smooth.

LipstickLipstickLipstick from Ilia
Cruelty-free, gluten-free
Here’s another lipstick with buildable coverage, all the way to a luxe satin finish that’s picture-perfect (and perf for kisses too). It’s packed with nourishing plant oils and butters that are also rich with antioxidants to protect your pout as you go about your day. Stay chic and pamper your lips at the same time.

Optimist LipstickOptimist LipstickOptimist Lipstick from W3ll People
Cruelty-free, gluten-free
If you’re not a huge lipstick fan for the way it dries your lips, this lipstick from W3ll People will change your mind. You’ll love the creamy smooth texture that seems to melt onto your lips, yet offers long lasting wear. Despite only coming in 6 shades, they’re sure to flatter all skin tones.


Now that we’ve gotten over vetting brands and ingredients lists, here’s the hard part: choosing a shade for your velvet lipstick! We suggest picking a few colors to suit your fancy and different moods, as well as a nude shade that matches your skin tone. You never know, velvet lipsticks might just be your new favorite form of makeup!

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