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Blending The Right Tones

                        Brush, Blend,

           For That Perfect Skin Tone

Transform Your Complexion With Our Definitive Guide To True Skin!

Growing up, you may have picked up your makeup skills from a magazine, parent or an older sibling. However, with ever-changing trends we now seek out the internet for the newest looks and tips on how to achieve them. Unfortunately, much of what appears on our screens is too often overbearing stage makeup applied under extremely bright lights! Even if it might look good through a camera’s lens – in real life this can be utterly overwhelming (and not to mention time consuming).

In today’s world, people are embracing their natural skin and seeking out ways to dial back the overwhelming use of influencer-level makeup. I’m here to guide you through this movement by exploring what it means and how you can discover your own true skin while nourishing it with color cosmetics. We’ll also discuss topics such as finding the best foundation for your specific undertone and understanding what ingredients make a good foundation choice.

What exactly is True Skin?

Your skin in its purest form is your true skin – the one you were born with. Unaltered by any external factors like skincare products, sun damage, or pollutants from smoking and other lifestyle choices, this “real” layer of your dermis was once untouched as a child. Thusly referred to as “true skin” or “real skin,” it is the uppermost level of healthy looking complexion that everyone strives for.

The dermis is the innermost layer of skin and it determines our unique tones and undertones. Unfortunately, when we go through adolescence to adulthood, our true complexion can become lost in a sea of makeup products that ultimately leave us with an uneven tone, areas of hyperpigmentation, dryness or excess oiliness – making your skin look dull and feel unhealthy.

During adolescence, skin breakouts and blemishes can leave lasting marks on your complexion. But don’t worry- with the right skincare routine and makeup products that work in harmony with your own unique skin type, you’ll soon be able to rediscover that natural glow! Foundations are especially important; they should help enhance what’s already there while taking care of any existing acne spots or irritation.

When Does a Baby’s Skin Hue Become Apparent?

As a baby’s body matures and develops, it will gradually obtain its true skin color. While the production of melanin, which gives our skin its pigmentation, begins during fetal development in the womb–it can take up to several years for their full amount of melanin to manifest itself in their complexion. By around three or four years old your child should have reached his/her finished shade that won’t be changed by sun exposure any further.

Uncovering Your Natural Glow: Discover if Sun Exposure Reveals Your True Skin Tone?

It’s a myth that the sun naturally darkens your skin. In reality, sunlight causes photodamage on the skin and actually increases melanin production due to ultraviolet ray damage, leading to a darker shade of pigmentation – putting you at risk for developing skin cancer in addition. Needless to say, it is important to take precautions when spending too much time out in the sun!

Photodamage is the unwanted result of unprotected exposure to sunlight, manifesting in wrinkles and fine lines, darkened spots, reduced elasticity in your pores and sagging skin. If you want to avoid this entirely preventable condition as well as discover your true skin’s potential; then always use a physical sunblock that contains titanium dioxide or zinc oxide – never resort to chemically-laden alternatives which are hazardous for both body and complexion while causing irritation too!

Unsure of what your true skin complexion is? 

To accurately assess your true skin complexion (your skin’s tone and its undertones), look at areas that do not get much sun exposure, as this will be relatively untouched from the damaging effects of continuous sunlight. If you want to accurately determine your true skin color, the best place to look is along your jawbone. The complexion in this area should be more consistent than other parts of your face and a better reflection of how all-over colors should appear on you. To avoid any confusion, make sure not to analyze the color of your wrist or backs of hands as these areas do not match that same tone as what’s found on the face! However, examining those spots can still help bring clarity when deciding an undertone for foundation purposes.

How Can You Identify the Perfect Foundation Shade for Your Skin Tone?

After we identify our true skin shade, most of us will still require some color alteration to diminish redness and achieve a stunning radiance. Make sure you select foundations that offer adjustable coverage. The full coverage, high coverage, and even medium coverage formulas are generally too thick for an authentic real-skin appearance.

Discover Your Skin’s True Hues By Examining Its Undertones

When it comes to identifying your skin’s undertones, don’t worry – it isn’t complicated! All you need is a little self-reflection. Your undertone resides in the deepest layer of your epidermis and helps create its hue and shade. But keep in mind that this distinct feature shouldn’t be confused with basic skin tones which range from light to dark complexions. Undertone represents a unique pigment located within the dermal layers of our body; there are three types: warm, cool or neutral.

Selecting the right makeup foundation can be difficult, especially when everyone’s skin tone is unique. To make informed decisions, it helps to know your skin undertone – cool, neutral or warm. Cool undertones range from pink to blue and even purple in complexion; whereas a neutral undertone mirrors true flesh-tone closely; and for those with warm golden tones there are hints of yellow, gold and peach visible beneath the surface.

Illuminate Your Skin’s Natural Radiance—Notice How It Shines in Different Lighting!

You won’t be followed around by original music, nor will there always be a circular light ring when you step out of your home. Thus, it’s not worth applying foundation in front of lighting that isn’t natural. Aim for something lightweight and with texture that can adjust to both natural and artificial lighting; this better reflects the kind of environments most people experience daily.

Once the foundation is dry, take the time to observe any color changes that occur.

The foundation that glides on skin so seamlessly and provides flawless coverage can often become a different color once dried. That’s why having multiple shades of foundation is important – mixing them together can make the perfect shade just for you! You’ll have a naturally gorgeous look without any imperfections or chalky feel, giving your complexion an effortless yet beautiful finish.

Experiment with Different Shades of Makeup on Various Parts of Your Face

To discover your ideal foundation shade, it’s not enough to just apply a sample of color on the side of your jaw. Utilize a brush or beauty sponge for more precise application and dab two pumps of product onto each area: center face, chin, cheekbone, and neckline. Take time to observe how well the tone blends with your skin in natural lighting while you decide if this could be the one!

Allow Your Shades to Settle In Before Deciding Whether or Not They’re a Good Fit

After testing your foundation, take a few steps away from the mirror and come back after some time has passed. This will help you decide if the foundation is suitable for your skin type (oily, acne-prone or dry). Evaluating how it wears over time will let you know if it’s truly right for you!

Search for Superior Ingredients

To cultivate and care for your complexion, you require a foundation that contains natural components that offer skin-nourishing vitamins. 100%Pure Cream Foundation is the perfect product to do just that! This vegan option offers protection from environmental invaders with organic jojoba oil and wild-crafted super fruit facial oil to maintain hydration all day long. Plus, it’s fragrance and cruelty-free so there’s no need to worry about any unnecessary additives being added in! With this creamy formula, you can expect smoother texture and fewer fine lines due its high antioxidants content.

Our organic blend, packed with botanical activities, deeply nourishes your skin and imparts a radiant glow. Complement it with 100%Pure Luminous Primer for an extra boost of goodness – this primer is formulated using potent natural ingredients that are beneficial to the health of your complexion.

1.Our primer is powered by hyaluronic acid, a plant-based ingredient renowned for its ability to lock in moisture. Enjoy up to 24 hours of soft and supple skin with this remarkable component!

2.Squalane is a powerful, vegetable-based antioxidant that guards your skin against the harsh effects of free radicals. Not to mention that it deeply hydrates and conditions your skin, leaving you with silky softness!

When you select 100%Pure, there’s no need to worry about the presence of any parabens, talc, sulfates, nanoparticles or synthetic fragrances. Plus our cruelty-free products are made with natural ingredients such as plant-derived seed oils and vitamins that are beneficial for your skin.


your real skin should be celebrated and cherished! 100%Pure ensures you have the cleanest and greenest color cosmetics at your fingertips to showcase that unique beauty. Our products are developed with a purpose of allowing you to truly adore who you are; our makeup accentuates that natural splendor without ever concealing it.


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