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A Bold Lip Never Hurt

Looking For An Effortless Way To Look Beautiful?

If you’re short on time but still want a bit of glamor, make sure to check out her three favorites! Not only do they come with sleek packaging, these lippies are made with nourishing organic botanical oils and moisturizing shea butter for an ultra-creamy balmy feel. Plus the colors? Oh wow – they will take your breath away! Forget about concealer, mascara and highlighter; pick one color from this range and simply…nothing else. Lipstick can be all you need to look stunning in no time at all!

A Bold Blaze of Red 

The vividness of this red will make you feel more bold and confident. It’s perfect for a slinky slip, or when going out with friends, dinner parties and special occasions – essentially taking any outfit to the next level!

Dare to be Different in Most Wearable Pink!

With this gorgeous neutral pink, you can be as chic in a hot-pink ensemble or sporty with jeans and a T-shirt.


Put on this color and unleash a sassier, cooler side of yourself. You’ll be so glad that you can keep the rest of your outfit more buttoned-up; it will help you make an even bolder statement!

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