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Want To Say Goodbye To Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

Is your eye area plagued with circles, shadows, or puffiness? You’re not alone! These facial features are some of the most common ones out there and everyone experiences them at least once in their lives. Whether it’s hereditary dark under eyes, fatigue-induced darkness, or water retention from too much salt – one thing unites us all: we want our skin to look bright and youthful. Let’s join together in overcoming these pesky signs of aging!

While we can’t always control our under-eye discoloration due to hereditary issues, it is still possible to reduce the appearance of dark circles with lifestyle changes. Instead of simply trying to cover up any unwanted signs in your skin’s condition, focus on improving its health as much as you can. Follow this guide for safe and effective treatments that target dehydration, puffiness and discoloration.

Learn How To Eliminate & Disguise Dark Under-Eye Circles

A Rejuvenating Slumber

If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to reduce under-eye circles and puffiness, prioritize getting quality sleep. Even if it’s just a half hour earlier than usual – this simple act can make all the difference! For adults over 26 years of age, The Sleep Foundation recommends 7-9 hours of shuteye every night – but if that isn’t achievable right now, use your time wisely instead.

For a good night’s rest, restrict your intake of screens, alcohol and salt prior to bedtime. Additionally, use an extra pillow for propping up your head as you sleep; don’t forget to flip it over each night and swap out the pillowcases regularly for optimal skin hygiene. To further enhance your nightly ritual, try using Retinol PM Eye Cream – an amazing choice that works overnight on nourishing the eye area with its natural active ingredients!

Remember To Stay Properly Hydrated

It is indisputable that every skincare guide advises drinking water, and for a justifiable cause. Dehydration can directly influence the presence of eye circles, much like lack of sleep will. The recommended amount of 8 glasses per day should be supplemented with two extra servings when you’ve consumed something salty to prevent puffiness in the following morning.

Drinking plentiful amounts of water daily not only reduces dark circles but also helps manage salt intake which tends to dehydrate your body quickly. So if radiant skin is what you seek and under-eye bags are bothering you – drink up!


To give your eyes an extra pick-me-up, try using a cold eye mask several times per week. There are plenty of options available, but sliced cucumbers are the classic spa method! The cool temperature helps shrink blood vessels, making dark circles look lighter and decreasing puffiness. To really get results, leave them on for 10 to 20 minutes at least once or twice a week.

To reduce the appearance of puffiness, you can also try out moistened black or green tea bags. Not only are these antioxidant-rich teabags loaded with flavonoids and tannins – which have beneficial anti-inflammatory properties – but you can make them cool or warm as per your preference!

Top-Of-The-Line Product

To preserve the youthfulness of your delicate and sensitive eyes, it’s best to use an eye cream specifically formulated for this area. Your regular facial moisturizer may not be enough; you need a higher concentration of active ingredients that are designed with extra care in mind. A great option is Berry Bright Vitamin C Eye Cream, which contains powerful components such as antioxidants to reduce dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness – giving your eyes a vibrant radiance!

Hide And Establish

If the treatment you’re using isn’t enough, makeup can be your savior! Begin by applying an eye cream and letting it absorb for 5-10 minutes. Next, use a creamy concealer like Fruit Pigmented® Long Last Concealer with Super Fruits to cover any discoloration under your eyes; this formula allows you to even out skin tones in two easy steps. Complete your look by setting everything in place with COOLA Make-Up Setting Spray SPF 30 Green Tea and Aloe – now that’s what we call flawless!


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