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Brush Up Your At The Office Looks

Nurturing Yourself While Trapped in the Office: A Guide to Self-Care for the Cubicle-Bound

Many of us are guilty of overworking ourselves – it’s a sad reality. Sitting is a modern-day hazard, so if you don’t own a standing desk, make sure to get up and walk around your workplace periodically – not only will this improve office relationships but also allow you to see people face-to-face instead of living in front of computer screens all day! Additionally, typical office air can be bland while fluorescent lights have long been known for their potential health effects.

If you’re going to spend most of your time at the office, why not make it an enjoyable stay? Strolling around, taking a few deep breaths, doing some stretching exercises and having all-natural beauty items on hand can help invigorate both your mind and skin. So go ahead – take steps towards living happily in your workspace!

Conquer the 4pm slump with a few light dabs of makeup to freshen up your look.

This incredible miracle oil absorbs into your skin quickly and starts to work its magic. It uses an organic blend of oils which leave the skin incredibly smooth, soft, and glowing. An added bonus is that you can turbo-charge any moisturizer with this oil or even pat it over makeup for a midday touch up!

Stimulate your senses with a refreshing sip of Vitamin-infused hydration.

Bursting with vanilla flavor, this collagen packet can be added to your water, coffee, juice or smoothie for a nourishing drink that helps improve skin health. Whether you keep it in your desk drawer or take it on-the-go in your bag or gym tote, its single serving packaging makes it an easy and convenient way to boost immune health naturally.

Thoroughly sanitize – keeping yourself clean is essential for everyday safety.

Our company’s astonishing 4-in-1 Facial Tonic formula is infused into every single individually-wrapped bamboo cloth face wipe, making it perfect for cleansing, exfoliating effectively and gently, soothing your skin in the gentlest way possible and keeping it hydrated. Each wipe has a delicate scent of orange blossom, fir tree and lavender that will intensely refresh you after an intense sports session or gym fully removing your makeup! For those who are prone to breakouts this product can be a true life changer!

Reduce Stress Levels While Also Softening The Appearance Of Wrinkles. 

This dual-purpose green tea sunscreen lotion shields skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays with SPF 30 protection, while nourishing and rehydrating thirsty skin. Made with natural mineral zinc oxide and infused with the protective and anti-aging properties of green tea, plus powerful antioxidant benefits of vitamin E. This natural sunscreen deeply soothes thirsty skin with a base of hydrating aloe and refreshing cucumber juice, while nourishing with oils of raspberry, avocado, olive, and rosehip to soften and moisturize for comfortable all-day wear.

10 blissful seconds of cuticle-treatments for total relaxation. 

This nail and cuticle oil blends fruit oils with botanical extracts to boost the health of nails and cuticles. Vitamin E and jojoba help to strengthen brittle nails, replenish lost hydration, and restore shine. Anti-inflammatory blue tansy calms redness and irritation from fungus and hangnails, while soothing dry or damaged cuticles.

Absorbing quickly and intensely, this lotion saturates your skin with unparalleled moisture. Your hands are left feeling soft and smooth, delicately scented, completely hydrated – a dream come true!

Revitalize Your Hair Instantly 

Our advanced cleansing and conditioning system gives you the salon-fresh experience with every use. Our unique powder removal technology guarantees no visible residue, while our sebum balancing formula allows you to extend your time between washes. Your hair will feel silky soft, glossy, and easy to manage – not to mention a freshly satisfied scalp!

Begin by lightly tapping a small amount of product into the center of your hands. Then, use your fingers to comb it through at the roots while brushing off any unnecessary residue with a brush.

Easily Unify Your Look

If you’re looking for a full-coverage, glossy lip finish created with entirely natural elements, then 100% PURE™ liquid lipstick should be your go-to product. It is available in an array of colors and shades that are naturally colored with antioxidant ingredients such as pomegranate oils, cocoa beans, blackberry extracts and more! This moisturizing formula consisting of nourishing cocoa butter leaves lips feeling ultra soft – the perfect choice to flaunt any day or night! With a range of striking to muted hues, flattering shades are the ideal choice for everyday lip makeup. Whether you prefer dramatic or subtle color palettes, they will always enhance your natural complexion and give it an extra boost of radiance.


Once you experience the invigorating freshness and clean smooth gliding of Cocofloss, you will never settle for regular floss again. Not only is it a socially impactful product but its performance speaks volumes- it’s simply better than anything we’ve ever tried before! It’s thick yet flexible, strong without being abrasive to your gums – truly transforming an otherwise mundane task into sheer pleasure. Infused with coconut oil and lightly scented with mint, this floss will leave your mouth feeling refreshed after every use!

Embrace the sheer joy of adding color to your look today!

The Fruit Pigmented® Lip & Cheek Tint is a multitasking makeup star.  Designed for double duty as both a natural cream blush and lip tint. Made with vibrant fruit pigments in a base of moisturizing shea and cocoa butters, for ultimate skin and lip-softening. Highly concentrated with anti-aging vitamins and antioxidants.


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