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Can a Hairbrush Reliably Tame Frizz?

How to Say Goodbye to Frizz!

Are you unsure how to brush your hair in such a way that it’s silky smooth and free of frizz? I’m sure you’ve heard the contradictory advice: brushing either makes your hair shiny and tamed, or will make it unruly. What’s the proper method for eliminating frizziness while gaining luster and shine?

If only achieving glossy, thick hair was as easy as the heiresses of the ’20’s made it seem. Picture them in their luxurious staterooms and castle bedrooms, with spotlights on them while they brush diligently for a hundred strokes per day.

Unfortunately, we know that is not enough today to achieve our beauty goals with our locks. If only there were a way to make it just as effortless!

An excellent brush can keep hair looking healthier and shinier by dispersing the natural oils all throughout, allowing it to sparkle while controlling frizz. Practically every hairdresser I know vouches for scalp massage with either fingers or a brush as key components of successful hair growth strategies.

Most people find that one hundred strokes is simply too much, which can result in breakage. Fortunately, there’s a perfect balance for everyone; this amount may depend on the health of your hair.

For example, those who frequently color or chemically straighten their locks likely need to be gentler with brushing than someone without any damage. A good brush at least once a day should keep your tresses looking and feeling their best, no matter what!

Philip B. combined boar and crystal-nylon bristles to create this luxuriously stunning comb, perfect for any heiress’ dressing table. Not only does it make hair smooth and glossy by distributing your scalp’s natural oils from roots to tips, but it also makes detangling a breeze! Use it on both wet and dry hair whenever you want beautiful locks with effortless ease.

When my locks are completely dry, I do two full brush-throughs to calm any flyaways. If some frizz is still lingering around, then a bit of texturizing cream from Innersense does the trick! After warming up a dab between my hands and lightly rubbing it over problem spots, everything looks just perfect.

If you’re prone to frizz, brushing your hair when it’s wet must be done with great caution. The key is to delicately brush or comb through your locks just enough to remove any knots and no more; otherwise, this can result in additional unwanted frizz. I personally like spraying a bit of leave-in conditioner (even after conditioning my hair during the shower) before running the brush through for even better results.

Avoid the temptation of drying your hair with a towel, as it can cause more flyaways than ever. Gently squeeze any excess water from wet tresses using a terry cloth or microfiber towel like this instead to prevent frizz and ensure smoother locks. With this change in routine, I guarantee you will never go back to regular towels for your strands!

Products To Reduce Frizz:

Enjoy a lustrous blowout or go au naturel—the Philip B. brush will make your hair shine regardless! Not to mention, it looks stunning on any bathroom counter top and even more beautiful when used as part of a dressing table ensemble.

After all, modern heiresses are too busy attending Coachella festivals and perfecting their Instagram feeds to fuss with such things!

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