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Choosing the Right Clean Deodorant

Need Help Selecting the Perfect Clean Deodorant? Here’s a Tip:

My inaugural experience as a newly appointed associate beauty editor at a high-end skincare brand event is something that I will never forget.

Dressed in my sweat-drenched clothing, I felt the pressure of the tuxedoed butlers offering lemon water and pink spritzers, while extravagant furnishings and artwork surrounded me.

In line, meeting the well-known director of public relations for this brand was daunting yet necessary; her presence alone made it clear why these events are such an important part of my career.

When I wanted to say hello, my arms rose in an inviting hug. When we embraced, the acrid stench of something foul quickly crept between us and inexplicably paralyzed our bodies for a moment, though only I seemed to notice it.

It was then that her mouth twitched briefly into a faint smile before she regained composure once again.

A few weeks back, I heard the shocking fact that regular antiperspirant and deodorant products might be highly toxic for the body. Hence, to ensure my health was taken care of, I abandoned my favorite cantaloupe-scented roll-on and acquired an organic deodorant from a local health food store.

After reading through its natural ingredient list, it seemed like the perfect choice—until I hugged someone!

Discouraged by my lack of success with other natural deodorants, I reluctantly returned to using a potentially hazardous yet time-proven product: cantaloupe.

Despite starting work at Freebuni, it took me some time to turn my life around and make healthier choices.

Bidding farewell to conventional skin and hair products that contain endocrine disruptors, parabens, phthalates, or fragrances was easy for me after I knew what I had been using all this time.

As for the deodorant as well – which can be even more harmful due to its application on our underarms where there are loads of sweat glands with tiny pores, understanding why natural alternatives are a better choice was key!

Shaving regularly also increases the permeability of this sensitive area, making it important to switch up your hygiene routine quickly if you want healthy results!

A Formula That Actually Works

Not long ago, I spotted a clean and nontoxic deodorant in an eye-catching tube at work. Even though my preference leaned towards the conventional option, its unique design still drew me in and caused me to want to take it home with me.

I was nothing short of astounded. I had gone through an exhausting day, full of meetings, calls, and writing with my nails chewed to the quick stressing over everything yet still smelled delightful!

Whether it was rollerblading down the West Side Highway or a taxing hour-long session composed of hot yoga and weight lifting, the Natural Deodorant Stick kept me smelling irresistibly fresh no matter what!

The Natural Deodorant Stick is carefully crafted with tapioca and magnesium to combat odor and coconut oil and shea butter for effortless application. I

ts silky yet sophisticated texture glides easily on the skin and is aptly scented with a clean spa-like aroma suitable for all ages and genders. Enjoy lasting freshness throughout your day—just one or two swipes of this aluminum-free deodorant will do the trick!

Goodbye to the cantaloupe and its chemical-laden past—even on hot summer days, I’m always here for a hug!

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