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Clean Beauty Can Unlock Your Hair’s True Potential

An Expert Guide to Achieving Healthier Hair

For some time, hair care was the last frontier of clean beauty. Whereas skin care and makeup already had comparable counterparts in terms of luxury and results, it took a while for clean hair products to catch up with conventional formulas.

When they did, however, top hairstylists, colorists, editors, and industry experts quickly realized that these new products surpassed anything from the traditional hair-product world, making them true essentials! Here are our winners—those who have earned their prestigious status as essential favorites.

1. Battle the Frizz With This Remarkable Hair Towel

The DevaTowels are an absolute game-changer. Not only does it reduce frizz and breakage, but you’ll also never have to worry about your hair getting roughed up by a cotton towel again! It absorbs moisture four times faster than a regular cotton towel and is incredibly thin, making it much easier to wrap around your head without hassle. Plus, the chic color adds that extra touch of sophistication you didn’t know you needed.

2. Show-Stopping Texture Hair Treatment

After I returned from vacation and my hair was particularly dry, I applied this argan oil to see if it would help. Sure enough, my locks were invigorated! To maximize results, I divided my hair into six sections and then warmed up some of the oil in between my hands before evenly distributing it on each section-from root to tip.

After braiding for about 20 minutes or so, rinsing with warm water followed by shampooing and conditioning sealed in that moisture while providing a luminous shine.

No matter your hair type, pre-shampoo treatments are essential for shiny locks and a healthy scalp. This particular treatment is made with oils that not only moisturize but also cleanse—just like face cleansers! It’s the perfect blend of nourishment, hydration, and replenishing goodness. Make the most of your time: use this incredible multitasker for just 20 minutes before you shower, and experience a remarkable transformation!

3. The Luxuriously Nourishing Conditioner

My goal is radiant and glossy hair! With my soft, thin locks, I am able to tell immediately when a conditioner works or not. Fortunately, this one does; it allows me to brush out my hair effortlessly while also providing an alluring shine once air-dried.

4. The Fantastically Surreal Brush With Flexible Bristles

After I exit the shower, this brush is my go-to for an invigorating scalp massage. It’s unparalleled—it feels divine and offers beneficial stimulation for both your hair and scalp. Unlike other brushes that just skim the surface or painful combs that often lead to damage, this brush goes beyond with its bristles, untangling snarls instantly while simultaneously giving me a sensational feeling on my head!

5. Nourish Your Locks With This Intensely Hydrating Hair Mask

After a long, difficult day, nothing feels quite as luxurious and nourishing to me as indulging in my Rahua Omega 9 hair mask. I then take it up another notch by taking the time to sit out on my fire escape with a Häagen-Dazs chocolate almond ice cream bar—bliss!

When my hair needs extra care, such as in between sew-in weaves, I turn to the Rahua Hair Mask. After shampooing and combing through the mask, it stays on for 10–15 minutes while I do a face mask at the same time. The combination of shea butter and sunflower seed oil leaves my hair feeling soft, nourished, and supple, with renewed curls that are full of life! My locks look shiny and healthy after every treatment—perfect for any occasion!

My hair feels soft and hydrated after using this product, and I’m thrilled with how quickly the results show! No more waiting around for lengthy treatments to take effect; just a few minutes is all it needs.

6. Transform Your Hair With the Powerful Sclap Exfoliating

To keep my scalp healthy and free of residue, I do this twice a month—it’s become my favorite method! Not only does it work incredibly well to remove dry shampoo buildup, but the hydrating formula also leaves hair feeling extra shiny.

Plus, you get an amazing spa-like scent, just like walking into the most luxurious spa, when you use it. Exfoliating your scalp is as important as exfoliating your face, so why not give yourself the same pampering treatment? You won’t regret adding this product to your routine!

When I am in need of an intense exfoliation and want to clear away product residue, a few times weekly I rely on this scrub. Additionally, after applying multiple products during the day or when wearing braids, this scalp scrub is ideal for me as it helps break down oils and dirt that can clog up roots. All I have to do is massage it into my scalp, leave it on for 5–10 minutes, then rinse out—it provides incredible results each time!

7. The Technologically Advanced Hairdryer

I rely on this dryer every single day, whether I’m giving myself a full-blown blowout or just wanting to quickly dry my hair. This professional, ionic hair dryer is so efficient that it can take care of my damp locks in only 10 minutes, compared to the usual 20 with other models—not to mention how lightweight and effortless it is to use! It’s like having your own personal stylist at home.

8. For a Long-Lasting Hairstyle, Use a Luxurious Silk Pillowcase 

Investing in a luxurious silk pillowcase is an easy choice that yields great rewards for both your skin and hair, making your bedtime experience even more delightful. The Slip pillowcases are particularly dreamy; their softness and smoothness soothe the strands of your mane, avoiding pesky tangling when you lay down to sleep. Allowing yourself such luxuries can make all the difference!

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