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Clean Essentials: Rejuvenate Your Hair and Skin

The Ultimate Essentials for Damaged Hair and Sensitive Skin

My best friend, who is new to clean beauty, has been pleasantly surprised to learn that the makeup and skincare products she previously steered clear of work well for her when they are clean.

Even more impressive is the fact that my friend’s skin – which is extremely sensitive – tolerates chemical peels without irritation after trying one from a med spa. She never thought this would be possible as prior attempts caused her complexion distress!

After switching to clean products, she now exfoliates with Acai Pulp Facial Scrub—it’s gentle on her skin and leaves it looking radiant.

Even after a tiring day outdoors, she reaches for the scrub; while using it, antioxidants get time to work their wonders as she lets it sit for an additional minute or two. Her skin just looks and feels incredible!

Acai Pulp Facial Scrub is rightfully the most popular clean beauty product, but there are many more products I love to discuss!

1. Eye Cream

This cream has been a dream come true in helping to alleviate my dark circles! Not only is it incredibly nourishing and hydrating, but the avocado butter and coconut oil also help brighten my skin.

For those days when I want an extra pamper session or after late nights out, I love using this as a face cream, something that TikTok taught me how to do. It’s like giving myself some TLC right at home!

2. Mineral Sunscreen

My foray into clean beauty began with sunscreen, and I was shocked to find that even when applied recklessly, it didn’t irritate my skin or eyes! Plus, the slight tint not only helps in evening out any discoloration but also adds a subtle sheen to my complexion.

3. Brow Gel

I’m a major fan of appealing, vibrant packaging, and these brow gels are simply too adorable to pass up. Their tip makes it effortless for me to fill in my brows and accentuate them as well.

To get the perfect blend of shades, I use dark brown on the front half of my eyebrows and black at their ends to give an effect that’s natural yet full-looking!

4. Blush and More Blush

This ultra-creamy blush is just my style! A subtle shade that you can easily build up for a bolder look, it’s perfect for taking me from day to night. I love the ‘Finger Painting” technique—simply dabbing and blending directly onto my cheeks with my fingers creates the most gorgeous flush of color!

To warm up in time for video calls, I also apply some along the bridge of my nose and forehead; this gives me an energized glow that brightens up any Zoom call.

5. Hair Oil

When I perm my hair, it often feels weighted down and leaves little volume or curls. That’s why this oil is such a lifesaver!

It manages to give me the moisture and shine that I love without making my locks feel heavy or weighed down. And not only does it work great while styling—each time after showering, my hair immediately transforms into something softer than ever before.

Whether massaging in the morning with a walk alongside my pup or applying at night during an energizing Peloton ride, this serum has been amazing for giving me back what was originally lost from the perming process.

6. Detangle Brush

This brush is heavenly! It works wonders on both wet and dry hair, effortlessly detangling both. The wooden pins have a rounded edge that feels like I’m getting the most luxurious massage for my scalp with each brush stroke—it’s really out of this world!

7. The Best Hair-Dryer

As someone who loves to style their hair, I’m all about the blow-drying process after a wash. Nothing is worse than having cold, wet locks that give you an icy chill!

This dryer is such a lifesaver because it’s lightweight and gentle on my arms—perfect for me since I regularly perm my ends to maintain curl definition and volume.

Plus, with three speeds and temperature settings available at once, this tool can quickly adjust its power while being careful not to damage or overwork my delicate tresses.


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