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Contour and Highlighting Techniques for Fair Skin

Tips and Tricks for Contouring Fair Skin

Contouring pale skin can be a tricky task as selecting the wrong shades may lead to an unwanted bronzed look or overly obvious definition. To achieve that perfect and subtle dimension, heed these tips for choosing the appropriate shade. With this advice in hand, you’ll learn how to contour your fair complexion flawlessly. 

When choosing a contour shade, select one with a cool undertone. If the color looks like bronzer then it’s not for you! Additionally, stay away from shimmer as this will contradict natural shadow effects. Finally, when unsure just keep blending and don’t forget that streaks of color are never desirable – use your contouring brush to ensure a seamless blend outwards from the skin line.

If you’re just starting out with contouring or if you don’t often wear a lot of color on your face, take it slow and begin by defining one or two features at a time. Depending on the shape of your facial features, extensive contouring may not be necessary.

Master the Art of Contouring with Fair Skin

  1. For a natural look, start by lightly brushing a small amount of color along the hairline. To ensure that your transition is seamless, press and blend your brush into the hairs where the scalp meets the forehead. A little can go quite far in achieving desirable results!
  2. Artfully drape the chosen shade along the temples and towards your cheekbones, delicately carving out a subtle contour below your cheekbone.
  3. Begin your contour application a few inches behind the ears, keeping it invisible to create a smooth and seamless transition. Subsequently, keep the color close to the jawline as you apply; going too far downwards on the neck can result in an uneven foundation shade that fails to blend together properly.
  4. To give your eyes a fuller and more dimensional look, start at the corner of the eye socket applying makeup closer to the outside. To create an effortless slimming effect, use light strokes blending it down over the side of your nose.

Illuminating and Enhancing Fair Skin

  1. Matte Highlight. To create a subtle, glowing look, carefully apply matte highlight to the center of your forehead and chin as well as just below your contour but above your jawline on both cheeks. This light application will give you an effortless radiance without being overbearing.
  2. Shimmery Highlight. For a dewy strobe look, layer a shimmer highlight powder over your matte highlight and apply to the tops of your cheekbones. Experiment with different placements until you achieve an appearance that reflects your style preference!

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