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Cover Up Unwanted Redness

Tips for Flawless Complexion

Redness, regardless of its origin—whether it’s sunburn or rosacea—can be covered with the ideal products and color correcting methods. The jane iredale Corrective Colors Camouflage kit provides four simple-to-apply concealers to effectively neutralize and disguise skin discolorations. To help minimize redness, use yellow and mint shades from this kit for a camouflaged look that exudes confidence.

Surpassing your expectations, yellow concealer combats mild redness, pink skin and black, blue and purple bruises. Utilizing just a touch of mint green cover-up cancels out extreme discoloration from blemishes or scars to port wine stain and rosacea – all without sacrificing natural looking results! With the lightweight brush in hand plus minimal product used, you can attain pristine coverage with ease.

Concealing Redness

  1. Blend the mint and yellow hues from the kit with a concealer brush to reduce redness.
  2. Now, gently press the Concealer Brush into the Dermstore Collection Daily Mineral Sunscreen Sheer Tint SPF 40 and lightly dab it on top of your concealing shades. Then, take a few moments to blend outwards towards your hairline for an even more natural finish.
  3. To achieve an even, radiant look simply buff a foundation with a foundation brush for natural coverage.
  4. If you’re still encountering residual redness or the desired brightness is missing, ILIA True Skin Serum Concealer will come to your rescue. 
  5. To guarantee that this corrective coverage stays all day, rely upon 100% Pure Bamboo Blur Powder. Apply the powder to your skin with a powder brush; remember, you don’t need a lot for it to work effectively. Too much product will make your appearance look overly-yellow and unnatural – so use sparingly.
  6. Achieve an effortless, glowing complexion with a few quick spritzes of Hydration Mist – designed to add essential hydration and enhance your natural beauty.

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