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Create a Striking Look with Black Eyeshadow that Flatters Your Skin Tone

Everything you need to know to make a Striking Look with Black Eyeshadow

Dark colors like blacks and charcoals can be startling, but they don’t have to be. The most dramatic eyes look flattering, even when the colors used are daring and dark.

We’ll demonstrate how to create a black eyeshadow look that is perfect for you, using colors that compliment your skin tone and eye color. In addition, we will provide techniques that are easy to follow, so anyone can achieve a gorgeous dark eyeshadow look instead of something gaudy or overdone.

Does black eyeshadow look good in all skin tones?

The notion that certain colors are flattering for specific skin tones is a misconception. In fact, all colors can look great on anyone–as long as you choose the shade that works with your skin’s undertones.

If you want to wear red lipstick and have cool undertones, choose a blue-based red. If you

have dark undertones, go for a reddish-orange or brick shade.

Confused about how to discover your undertones? This guide will make it simple.

Can I Wear Black Eyeshadow If I’m Pale?

A person with fair skin likely won’t look good in the darkest, blackest eyeshadow shades. It is essential to understand the undertone when choosing colors. If you have pale skin and cool undertones, go for a lighter shade of black, like charcoal or gray.

The best black eyeshadow is one that makes you look more awake and bright-eyed, no matter your skin tone.

Is It Possible to Use Black Eyeshadow as Eyeliner?

A way to do this is to line your eyes with black eyeshadow to add definition, without having to fully commit to a dark lid. You can do this by using a powder brush. Get the brush wet and then press it into your shadow until it’s evenly distributed.

If you want a more subdued look, black eyeliner can be too intense. In these cases, use black eyeshadow as a liner instead to give your eye definition on the upper and lower lash lines without looking overdone.

If you would like to achieve a look that is similar to an eye pencil or liquid eyeliner but are not confident in your ability to use those, black eyeshadow can give you a similar result without as much stress and precision.

Line your eyes with the shadow using the top edge of the brush so that it smudges and creates a soft, blurred line. This also works well for smoky eye looks.

Which Black Eyeshdow is Best for Different Skin Tones?

Once you understand your skin’s undertone, shopping for matching eyeshadow colors becomes a breeze. Suppose you have warm undertones. In that case, you would look for shadows with warm bases to get the perfect match!

Light Skin

If you have light skin, choose lighter colors. Darker shades of black, like gray and ash, will still look dramatic against your skin tone. You can use these hues all over your lid for a monochromatic color that looks almost ethereal.

For a more dramatic color, apply it only to the crease or outer edge of your eye. If you use too much heavy color, it will make your eyes look sunken.

Medium Skin 

If you have medium skin tones, you can use any shade. For darker shades, try using them in the crease or outer edge of your eyelid. You can also use them over your entire lid, but make sure to balance the rest of your makeup, so it doesn’t look too heavy. Off-black shades with undertones of pink are also a good option for an all-over shade. We love 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Pretty Naked Palette, which is a perfect mixture of gray and pink blended together.

Dark Skin

Even those with dark skin tones can struggle to get their black eyeshadow application right. According to many beauty professionals, a lighter shade of black shadow is often more flattering than using a true black color.

This will make your eyes stand out more without looking overdone. But be wary of going too light with the gray shades, as they might end up giving you unwanted ‘raccoon eyes.’

Is there a way to make black eyeshadow appear more natural?

It is difficult to achieve a natural look with black eyeshadow because it tends to be bold and dramatic. However, you can create a softer look by using a shadow that is slightly lighter than pure black.

It is possible to wear black eyeshadow without looking overdone by choosing a shadow that is a few shades lighter than pure black.

Neutralize the effect of black eyeshadow by using it in different ways such as classic cat eye, or creating soft wings for an opaque matte cat look.

You can make the look less harsh by muting the other colors in your palette. For example, avoid a deep red lip when wearing smoky eyeshadow and instead opt for more of a nude color.

Not only does 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip and Cheek Tint look great on the lips, but it can also double as a blush to perfectly compliment a dark eyeshadow look.

Always Blend!

Go for a black eyeshadow to avoid streaks, lines, and weird angles. Use a densely bristled brush to help you move the product easily and blur the edges so it looks like it was applied by a professional.

Only apply it to the outer lid of your eye

Wanting a smoky eye but are not ready to commit to all-over color? Try to emphasize the outer corner of your lid with black eyeshadow instead for a more subtle look. Use an angled brush and pick up powder on just the edge, then apply it only to  ⅓ of the eyelid from creases outward toward the lashes.

Apply less powder

Dark eyeshadow can be intense, but a little goes a long way. These shadows are usually so richly pigmented that you only need to use a small amount of powder to get pure color on your lid. And if you make a mistake, it’s easy enough to add more shadow, but removing too much is considerably harder.


Whether you want to go for a dramatic or more understated look, black eyeshadow is perfect for achieving either. Matte black shadow in particular will give your eyes some edge while still remaining classic.

To ensure that your dark eye makeup looks its best, pick shades of shadow that compliment your skin tone. And don’t forget to complete the look with a nude lip and light cheek color! For more ideas on how to wear black eye makeup, or for tutorials on other looks, be sure to check out our tutorial on how to level up your make up.

Makeup can be dangerous if it contains certain harmful ingredients. For example, black eyeshadow often contains carbon black, a carcinogen that is regulated in the under-regulated U.S cosmetics industry.

This year, why not take a chance and try wearing a dark shade? 100% Pure can help you perfect your eye makeup look.

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