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Create Your Makeup Routine with These 9 Tips!

Simple Tips for a Smooth and Impeccable Finish

As the sun begins to shine more brightly, there’s nothing quite like spending a day at your favorite patio — one part sunshine and two parts fun! It can quickly get hot though, so you want to make sure that not even the most intense summer heat will melt away your makeup.

For those seeking protection against perspiration without sacrificing style, take a look at our top 9 tips for having flawless makeup all summer long on any outdoor patio. You’ll be ready to embrace the warmth–because it is summertime after all!


Make sure to keep a hydrating mist at hand if you’re sitting outdoors in order to stay cool and have your makeup remain intact. Additionally, mists are exceptionally helpful for setting mineral make-up!


You may assume that wearing a primer beneath your foundation would make your face appear heavy and cumbersome for outdoor activities. However, it can genuinely benefit you by assisting in keeping everything in its place! Try out a mattifying primer on the t-zone – areas where oil is more likely to accumulate.

Liquid Formulas

This formula will stay put in the heat, but if you’re looking for a dewy, lit-from within glow then choose liquid or cream products. A sheer foundation and creamy blush are great options to achieve this look effortlessly!

Neutral Colors

We love to add a splash of color into our summer makeup routine, however if you’re going to be outdoors all day, neutrals make much more sense. These tones blend in with the environment and are less noticeable when they start melting away – just imagine an elegant smokey eye look!

Simplicity Goes a Long Way

Now is the perfect time to flaunt your radiant skin and go makeup-free! If you’re feeling anxious about being barefaced, why not try out a lightweight coverage foundation that will still allow your skin to breathe in this warm weather? With minimal effort, you’ll achieve an incredibly natural look with glo-ing results.

Longwear Formulas

For a reliable, long-lasting look that won’t fade or smudge, reach for a long-lasting creamy eyeshadow and a resistant lip liner. These products are the perfect choice to ensure your makeup looks amazing all day!


Spend your days under the sun? Allow the 100% Pure Seaberry Moisturizer to assist you in maintaining hydration for your skin. This newly reformulated product will be sure to quench any dryness and keep moisture loss at bay with its lightweight formula, while also minimizing shine! Don’t forget – use this moisturizer both in the morning and night for optimal results.


If you don’t prefer water-resistant mascara, then an easy trick is to layer it on top of your regular formula – this will keep the wetness away and still give you that desired look! It may seem like a no brainer but it’s often forgotten about.


Start your day off right with a multi-tasking product like Moisturizing Tint SPF 40+ or Tinted Primer SPF 30 that offers ample sun protection. Then, keep the sun at bay by carrying Protecting Powder SPF 50 to easily reapply during the day for maximum coverage.

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