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Improve Your Skin Using Toner

Enhance Your Natural Beauty with the Finest Toner.

When you take the flowers of India and store them in your suitcase, even months later they will still carry their beautiful aroma. It almost appears as if some sort of exponential mathematics has been used to amplify their fragrance when compared to those grown elsewhere. Both perfumers and essential oil producers are aware of this phenomenon, utilizing these floral essences for their products.

This powerful yet gentle toner is formulated with luxurious botanical extracts that are as opulent as an agua fresca. Rose works to balance the skin while providing both astringent and moisturizing qualities, while witch hazel clears pores of oil and dirt. Not only does it smell divine, but it feels amazing on your skin! Furthermore, its beautiful bottle will make you feel exquisitely glamorous just by looking at it.

Applying it with a cotton pad after cleansing is an absolute must – its ability to clear out pores and remove dead skin cells makes it so that any treatment you follow up with can penetrate deeper into your skin for better results. On days when SPF is the only makeup you wear, toner should be all the “cleansing” you do at night. Its mild nature also enables you to use it whenever necessary; whether due to hot weather, intense exercises or just moments of refreshment and hydration. The gentleness of this product has proven itself as one of its biggest strengths!

The bathroom sink is the perfect spot for something exquisite. It doesn’t matter what’s inside that bottle, any item can be a luxurious indulgence when you use it every day—talk about an added bonus!

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