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Penetrate Deep Into Your Skin

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Have you heard about the ZIIP Routine we’re all raving about?

If you’re wondering what that ZIIP device is all about, get ready for some serious convincing. Whatever your skin requires – from lifting and sculpting to tonal-evening or depuffing – the ZIIP has an approach for it. Plus, when pairing its nanocurrent with other skincare treatments, you amplify these effects even further! According to Los Angeles electrical aesthetician Melanie Simon (the creator of this revolutionary product), we can easily achieve maximum radiance through her recommended routine. So go on and give it a try; let’s see how much glowier you can be!

According to Simon, ZIIP helps catalyze collagen and elastin production in skin cells, making them more voluminous and taut. This way, products don’t have to work as hard for you to achieve even minimal results. When the items are layered correctly – usually thinnest first then thickest last – they can create miracles on the outermost layers of your epidermis!

Even though the epidermis is not living tissue, it’s just like your fingernails or hair: The more you nurture and care for it, the better looking and healthier it will appear. ZIIP concentrates on the lower layers of skin—the foundation of a person’s face. When this foundation is strong and healthy due to great products used in a routine, then beautiful skin can be achieved by anyone no matter what kind of complexion they have or how old they are.

The Pre-YouZiip Ritual


For optimal performance, it is recommended to use a non-oil based cleanser when washing since oil can hinder the flow of electricity.


To achieve the best results, you should use a quality toner that can both lightly exfoliate and moisturize your skin. For wrinkles and crow’s feet, press firmly to make sure the product fully penetrates into those areas. Don’t forget to be careful around your eyes! By using these techniques, you’ll soon notice visible improvement in your skin’s appearance.


Enhance your skin’s natural hydration levels by applying a light and fast-absorbing serum containing hyaluronic acid. This is an essential ingredient already present in the human body, which is why it’s also used to create most fillers – as it can pull many times its weight in water into itself, providing visible plumping effects on the surrounding area.


In order for ZIIP to be effective, an appropriate conducting medium is required. Outstanding ingredients such as glutathione which works to plump the skin and cedar bark extract which contains polyphenols along with organic moisturizing glycerin make up this conductive medium- giving you a deeply nourishing treatment!

Simplify Your Day with the After-You-Ziip Routine!


After ZIIP-ing, follow up with a purifying cleanser to ensure optimal skin health. As an added bonus, consider an oil-based moisturizing option for extra hydration and nourishment.


Afterwards, apply a serum that contains vitamin C – it is highly recommended. Vitamin C helps to fight free radicals and keep your skin firm and resilient.

Achieve softer, smoother skin with moisturizer.

For optimal skin hydration, follow up with the ultra hydrating 100%Pure eye cream. This product not only provides long-term moisturization but also contains active ingredients that address a variety of issues in and around your eyes. Finish by adding a face moisturizer for complete nourishment!

The 100%Pure face cream is specifically designed to elevate the experience of moisturizing your skin. It’s enriched with multiple hydrators such as ceramides, squalene, and illipe butter that drench your skin in moisture while providing powerful nourishing ingredients for maximum benefit.

Protect yourself from those harmful UV rays with sunscreen

Finish your daily routine off with sunscreen unless it’s already night time. This top-selling product from 100%Pure is created with a combination of titanium and zinc oxide which block out both UVA and UVB radiation, as well as natural ingredients like shea butter, aloe, rosehip and calendula to keep the skin hydrated.

Uncovering the Mystery of Nanocurrent: How it Functions

ZIIP treatments feature both nano- and microcurrents, which can help drive active ingredients into the dermis. The device utilizes alternating currents that move back and forth or direct current running in one line with variable frequencies to achieve desired results. By using proper conductive mediums, it is possible to concentrate these elements far beneath the skin’s surface – leading to intensified effects from topical agents than could be achieved without this technology.

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