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Different Types of Lipstick and When to Use Them

There’s a lipstick out there for everyone – and we’ve got the rundown on all the best options

If you’re anything like us, you love a good new lipstick. Balms, glosses, stains, and sticks are just some of the different lip products we use to keep our lips looking gorgeous.

We’ve put together an easy guide to help you navigate the world of luxurious lipsticks so that you can understand what they do and when to use them better. Follow us as we explore five different types of lipstick and find out which one is right for you now.

1. Balm

Tinted balms are our top pick because they hydrate your lips while also adding a subtle color. They do this by moisturizing the lips with hydrating ingredients and creating an occlusive barrier that prevents moisture loss.

Tinted balms have just enough color to work perfectly for a bare face or full makeup look, depending on where you want the focus to be.

  • This Tinted Balm is definitely worth a try! This product is amazing and will leave your lips feeling soft and hydrated for up to twelve hours. Cocoa seed butter protects against free radicals and ensures smoothness.

Traditional lip balms often utilize parabens and petroleum as ingredients, but these are very harmful substances that you should avoid.

Many good makeup brands don’t use either of these in their products for this reason. When they are present in a lip balm, there is a chance that they could be ingested if the lips come into contact with the mouth.

When You Should Use Tinted Lip Balm

Tinted lip balms are excellent for any occasion and easy to reapply. They work great as a primer for lipstick, keeping your lips hydrated all day.

2. Lip Gloss

Do you remember those sticky lip glosses from your childhood? They’re still around, but not as viscous. If you want a wet or extremely hydrated finish, opt for a lip gloss.

Glosses are perfect for layering over a matte lipstick or wearing alone; however, it is worth noting that excessively glossy formulas can make it look like you forgot the rest of your makeup altogether.

When You Should Use Lip Gloss

If you have a lipstick color that you love but it either dries too quickly or has an undesirable matte finish, then use lip gloss. Lip gloss can change the texture and finish of your lipstick while also helping to adjust the color if needed.

If you want your lipgloss to last longer than a few minutes, use a lip liner or translucent setting powder on your lips before applying the gloss.

3. Lip Stain

Soft and liquidy, many lip stains double as cheek colors too. They provide a rush of pigment to your lips that makes them look natural, like you just bit them.

But be careful with application; many formulas are dehydrating and will leave your already dry lips worse off. Choose a lip stain with nourishing ingredients instead, so your pout is happy and healthy!

  • Introducing: Lip and Cheek! This one-of-a-kind product is perfect for your lips and cheeks! With a buildable cream formula, it provides hours of hydration and color. Using highly concentrated pigments, the color will last all day on your lips and cheeks!

Wildcrafted buriti oil and other hydrating ingredients like cocoa butter deeply hydrate while protecting against oxidative damage.

When You Should Use Lip Stains

Lip stains provide you with enduring color while still being light and non-greasy, unlike lipsticks. You can use them regardless of the occasion, and they also make excellent bases for glosses.

4. Lipstick

Lipstick is the original makeup product and has been around for centuries. It comes in different finishes, including satin, matte, sheer, and frosted. Lipstick is usually thicker than a balm or stain and does not have as much shine as a gloss.

When you’re on the lookout for safe ingredients, avoid those that are commonly found in traditional lipsticks.

Fish scales (on the label as “pearl essence”), carmine (crushed beetles), synthetic dyes, parabens, and PFAS (a group of toxic chemicals) have all been discovered in regular lipsticks before. However, you’ll never come across any harmful toxins like these when browsing natural cosmetic products.

  • This Lipstick is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a bold, deeply pigmented lipstick with a comfortable satin finish. Infused with RMS Beauty Oil, your lips will stay hydrated and smooth all day without worrying about feathering or bleeding.

When You Should Use Lipstick

So, when is the appropriate time to wear lipstick? We think the answer is: always. There’s really no single instance that we can think of where it wouldn’t be 100% appropriate (except for sleeping on spotless white sheets).

Lipstick gives you a rich color that won’t come off easily, whether you’re sipping coffee or kissing your loved one.

5. Lip Liner

Although lip liner and lipstick are technically not the same, you can use liner in a pinch or if you really love the color of your liner.

Lip liners help serve as a guide for where to apply lipstick so that it doesn’t bleed outside of your lips or into any fine lines or wrinkles.

Whether you use it with a lip color or not, lip liner is easy to apply when you choose a product that glides on and can be blended in with a brush.

  • This Lip Liner gives it a smooth, creamy feel that helps keep your lips defined and your lip color in place.

When You Should Use Lip Liner

If you want defined lips that look fuller, use lip liner in addition to your chosen lipstick, lip stain, or tinted gloss. Although it may be tempting to do as they did in the early 2000s and wear colored liner with a clear gloss, resist that urge.

Convenient Tips

  • Here are a few tips and tricks from the pros to help you get amazing color payoff and long-lasting wearability out of your lipstick. Don’t use powder to try and set your lip color; it won’t work. In fact, the powder can actually change the shade of your lipstick entirely.
  • A nude-colored lipstick can help create the illusion of fuller lips. To achieve this, find a color that is one to two shades darker than your skin tone. Finally, add a dot of gloss to the center of your lips for extra volume.
  • Before you put on any lipstick, especially a bright color, ensure that your lips are hydrated. If not, the lipstick will catch on dry skin and look patchy.
  • By learning to blend colors, you can create a unique shade that you love. With experimentation, you can find the perfect color and finish for your needs.
  • You should always wear what you love because confidence looks good on everyone. If your favorite thing is to rock ultra-bright lipstick, whether it’s for a day in or coffee with a friend, go for it!

You can easily get the look you desire and avoid feeling uncomfortable with your lipstick or lip color when you understand how these products are made and the best ways to use them. To get more tips, as well as a guide on choosing the perfect hue, read below.

Opt for Natural and Sustainable Lip Products

Keep your lips healthy and hydrated by using toxin-free lipsticks and other products. Choose from a variety of options, including hydrating balms and pigmented lip stains.

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