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Discover How To Combat Maskne

Unveil the Secrets to Eliminating Maskne for a Luminous Skin!

Going out with a face mask has become our go-to daily activity. We must all protect ourselves and others, and we’ve got the perfect array of fashionable styles to suit every occasion! Even though wearing masks is extremely important for us, it can also cause “maskne,” an unpleasant side effect for many people.

Maskne can be caused by two main factors: skin irritation from fabric friction, and sweat, dirt and oil trapped against the skin due to a moist environment created when we breathe beneath our masks. Both of these elements together cause acne flare-ups; however with proper care they can be avoided.

Make sure you wash your face before and after wearing a mask

To combat maskne, make sure to cleanse your face twice a day with 100% Pure’s Pore Detox Herbal Cleanser for a deep cleanse. Begin by washing your skin every morning before putting on the mask; this way there is less sweat and dirt that gets trapped underneath it. When you take off the fabric at night, be sure to wash away any accumulated bacteria, sweat or dirt for maximum protection against acne throughout the day.

100% Pure’s Pore Detox Herbal Cleanser is the perfect solution to rid your skin of surface dirt and impurities. Its purifying and balancing formula was designed to deeply cleanse pores without dehydrating or removing essential oil, leaving you with supple, refreshed skin.

Use an occlusive to protect and lock in moisture

Shielding your skin from a mask by using an occlusive layer can help protect against any discomfort and also stop the transmission of microorganisms across your face.

Treat your skin to the nourishing benefits of 100% Pure’s Super Fruit Balm with its vitamin E and avocado oil formulation. Slather it onto areas exposed by your face mask such as the nose, cheeks and chin for a protective barrier that hydrates while calming any irritation at once.


Rejuvenate and refresh with exfoliation – a deep cleanse your body needs!

Wearing a mask every day can clog follicles and cause irritation. 100% Pure’s Anti Acne Sheet Mask is the perfect solution, as it utilizes Rosemary extract to draw out impurities from your skin without further irritating it. With this unique blend of ingredients, you can enjoy clear and healthy skin in no time!

Get ready to unveil brighter, clearer skin with Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2 BHA Liquid Exfoliant! This liquid exfoliant is gentle yet effective in helping prevent congestion or breakouts that might have developed due to wearing a mask.

Rehydrate, rehydrate, rehydrate!

Damaged and inflamed skin requires more than just moisture to recover; it also needs soothing. 100% Pure’s Rose Water Face Mist is the perfect option for helping your skin achieve both of these goals, as its formula helps to calm and hydrate while simultaneously restoring damaged moisture barriers caused by wearing a face mask.

Protect sensitive skin

Even if your face is partly hidden by a mask, don’t think twice about applying sunscreen. 100% Pure’s Green Tea SPF 30 has been formulated with sensitive skin in mind and can offer you double the protection without any risk of irritation to delicate facial areas.

Maskne is becoming a pervasive issue, yet here at FreeBunni we have developed solutions to combat this problem. So don’t forget: stay safe, wear your mask and stick with the skincare routine using the products above!

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