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Discover the Art of Winged Eyeliner

 Learn How to Master Classic Eyeliner Looks 

Winged eyeliner, cat eye makeup or whatever you may call it has been an iconic look that’s adored by all. It can be customized to create a subtle daytime vibe or amped up for evening wear – just use your steady hand and some practice! No matter the occasion or skill level, this timeless style can easily become part of any beauty routine with only a few simple application tricks. Everyone deserves to have their own unique interpretation of the classic winged liner look.

Immerse yourself in the world of eyeliners! From classic black liquid lined eyes with dramatic flicks to modern, colorful shadow liner effects made iconic by Euphoria – Janeena Rumsey, Global Artistry Lead provides you tips and tricks on how to make winged eyeliner looks that will take your makeup game up a notch.

What Eyeliner Is Perfect For You?

When deciding on your look, the kind of eyeliner you choose is crucial. Janeena explains, “With so many possibilities to select from, texture, completion and applicator are essential components in determining which liner will work best for you. While some desire a more precise and sharp finish that liquid liners provide, others prefer smudgeable varieties like kohl pencils.”

Liquid Liner

100% Pure Long Last Liquid Eye Liner guarantees you precise and sharp lines, making it your go-to for bold color. Not only does this eye makeup last for hours on end with no smudging or fading; the intense pigmentation also makes removal a bit of an effort in comparison to other eyeliners.

Pencil Liner

If you’re aiming for that soft, sultry smoky look, then jane iredale Eye Pencil is the perfect option! Not only does it allow for effortless blending and smudging so that you can create diverse effects with ease, but any mistakes can be easily wiped away.

Shadow Liner

For a smokey, blended line, try a powder shadow using a liner Brush for that precision.

Cream Liner

When you need a fast and easy way to apply eyeshadow, By Terry Crayon Blackstar Eyeliner is the answer! These convenient shadow sticks provide you with reliable results no matter where your day takes you.
Pro Eyeliner Tip

No matter the approach you pick, get started by using a pencil to craft an outline. With this simple-to-clean and forgiving formula, you’ll be able to add dimension as well as ensure that your look endures all day or night.

Cleaning up

Q-Tips: Keep pointed Q-tips close by to effortlessly fix any errors. Just add a few drops of water or makeup remover and carefully brush over the areas you would like to correct.

Concealer: To clean up your mistakes, use concealer with a small concealer brush for seamless coverage.

5 Ways to Diversify Your Eyeliner

If you are looking to stand apart from the crowd and make an iconic fashion statement with your eyeliner, Janeena has five creative solutions that will help perfect your look. With these unique twists on the classic style, you’ll be sure to turn heads.

Kitten Eye

For a glamorous finish to your eye makeup, start by lining the eyelid close to the lash line. Beginning in the center above your iris and drawing short strokes outward will help you create an even look. End just before reaching the corner of your eyes, then give it some flare with a subtle upward flick for winged effect if desired. To really make this liner stand out, add two small lines above the wing as finishing touches.

Shadow Winged Liner

Start by applying a medium-depth longwear cream shadow to the outer third of your upper lash line, extending beyond the edge and almost reaching up to your brows for an impressive wing shape. Gently blend this shade until you achieve a softer look, then use a cotton bud to perfect it. Once that’s done, finish off with a darker hue above it – smudging as you go – before connecting both top and bottom lashes together with some more blending action on the lower lash line.

Naked Graphic Liner

To achieve a dramatic look, start by lightly tracing out a V shape from the corner of your eye with a neutral pencil liner. Begin at the tail end and move outward until you reach the outer crease area, then bring it back in to form one continuous line along the third of your lashline closest to your nose. Lastly, fill in the inner corner for an even more intense effect.

Two-Toned Liner

Get creative with a cream eyeshadow: start by drawing an intense, wide wing shape along your upper lash line. Follow this up with either a lighter or darker liner shade and trace tightly under your top lashes using the same wing as guidance – to finish off, pat on some powder eyeshadow or blush over it for added staying power.

Reverse Cat Eye

Begin your eye look with a neutral base and crease shade on the upper lids, then blend out to soften. Next, use a smudgeable black eyeliner pencil to line between lower lashes and waterline to create an intense finish. To blur the harsh lines, use a small detailing brush while blending pigment outward in an extended motion past the outer eyeline. Finally, top off your stunningly sharp winged liner with complimentary shadow for added dimension- just make sure you have some cotton buds handy for any necessary clean up.

With a bit of practice and creativity, you can achieve an array of stunning eyeliner looks. Get inspired for your next look by taking cues from wild makeup styles seen on shows like Euphoria or moodboards from runways and influencers. For even more eye-catching results, take a peek at our guide to eyeshadows that will help make your peepers pop with color.

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