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Discover the Benefits of a Restful Night’s Sleep

The Step by Step Guide to Sweet Dreams 

Sleep is essential in order to recharge and reset our skin, body, and mind. If we don’t get enough sleep each night, the negative effects will be visible on our faces—our complexion looks dull, energy drops significantly, and stress becomes difficult to manage. To promote a peaceful slumber every night it’s important to establish a bedtime routine that works for you. Unwind with this potent skincare regimen and feel the tension fade away as you apply it. Supplement your routine by nourishing yourself from within with a natural hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C&E supplement to improve sleep quality and obtain glowing skin. The rewards of these methods – peaceful nights, clear skin, mental clarity and more are invaluable.

1º Refresh with a Relaxing Bath

Taking a hot bath has an abundance of benefits – it not only relaxes the muscles, but also creates a peaceful atmosphere which can aid in reducing stress. Additionally, because it’s harder to access your phone while submerged in water, it gives you time to disconnect from all that technology and focus on yourself instead. Lastly, when you leave the bathtub after enjoying its warmth for some time, your body will naturally cool down faster thus promoting restful sleep quickly afterwards. Indulge in twenty minutes of pure relaxation – just pour a cup of this uniquely crafted French lavender and crystallized kelp bath salts into your steamy tub. Their heavenly aroma will soothe you as it prepares you to drift off into blissful rest. Submerge, close your eyes, and relish the delightful aromas that fill the air.

100%Pure Organic Lavender Sea Therapy Bath

2º Enhance Your Skin’s Health and Enjoy a Restful Sleep with this Supplement

Lack of sleep can take a toll on your skin due to its ability to deplete collagen, the key structural protein in our epidermis that lessens as we age. Fine lines, drooping and thinning out come with this decline – but HUM has created something special! This beauty & sleep supplement combines ceramides, CoQ10, ferulic acid and valerian root – all specifically chosen for their power in enhancing the quality of slumber alongside muscle and nerve health. For a luxurious evening wind-down routine? Take these capsules after basking in the bathtub with room temperature water by your side… blissful snoozes ahead.

HUM Nutrition Mighty Night

3º Nourish your skin with long-lasting hydration

Give your skin the nourishment it needs to keep its firm, healthy-looking complexion by providing it with ample hydration. The 100% Pure Intensive Nourishing Balm is a luxurious whipped texture formulated with ultra-hydrating ingredients like rich butters, nourishing oils, and calming lavender that will melt into your skin to plumpen and brighten for long lasting results. To achieve maximum benefits from this balm, massage in after cleansing then follow up with eye cream for optimal results.

100%Pure Intensive Nourishing Balm

100%Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

4º Gently exfoliate your skin at least once a week to reveal glowing, radiant skin.

Exfoliating is a beneficial practice for all skin types, and the best time to use an intensive treatment like Eve Lom’s Rescue Peel once per week is right before bed. The glycolic acid and fruit extracts it contains will penetrate your skin while you sleep, gently retexturizing and brightening it. For maximum radiance that lasts throughout the day, rinse your face in the morning beforehand then apply a hydrating moisturizer afterwards.

Eve Lom Rescue Peel Pads

5º Before you drift off to sleep, give your feet some TLC with a soothing massage

When it comes to self-care, touching and massaging our own feet with oil or lotion can be a wonderfully grounding experience. Begin by taking some AMELIORATE Intensive Foot Therapy cream into your hands and give your feet a gentle massage using circular motions at the heel, the base of the toes, as well as any areas that feel tense. Don’t forget to get between those little piggies too; because skin is thinner there, this will help ensure all nourishing ingredients are absorbed more easily.

AMELIORATE Intensive Foot Therapy

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